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Taking Stock

“What do you want me to do for you?” (Jesus, as quoted in Mark 10:36, 51)


The promises, intentions and hopes of January are sputtering like a short-wicked candle. February pounds in my heart, pushing me to find where I left off and to take stock.

This blog, titled soulPantry, stores various reflections and ideas and prompts that have risen in my own heart; and naturally (for me) I share them here. In the beginning, it was called Nourishment for the Soul: A Place to Feed on Words and to this day, it’s still a place for words, and lately a place for artistic prompts, as well.

I started typing out these inspirational musings in the wee hours of the year 2000. I felt compelled to share “words for the weary.” (See Isaiah 50:4) And that phrase truly defines the intent of my blog to this day. Many readers tell me that these posted reflections arrive just when they need them, and that humbles me and thrills me at the same moment.

I wander away from these digital spaces for months at a time. Then other months, I am here daily pouring out words that flow out of my own personal journey. Today, I come back with the resolve to post more regularly, but realistically, too. I hope/plan to post once a month. (And if more often, so be it.)

When I am away for an extended time, I struggle with wanting to catch you (the reader) up with all my inner musings and the adventures of life. But that’s not realistic, either. So, I’ll just jump in right here.

Last Friday, I enjoyed sharing journaling tips with a small group of women, who gathered for some fun and food, for both their bodies and souls. Seventeen women passed through the space with me. I had an hour per session (two separate sessions) to give them a taste of a few journaling appetizers.

We started with this prompt: “Right now…” I set the timer for two minutes to demonstrate that they could write for a contained amount of time. (Many admitted they didn’t feel like they had time to keep a journal.) I gave them a moment to read over their musings, and then invited them to write a short sentence about what surprised them or what they noticed in their quick writing jaunt.

With their writing juices flowing, I challenged them to ponder a question, as their prompt. As I prepared for the class, I remembered that in Scriptures, Jesus often asked questions to get his audience thinking. The question that came to mind was “What do you want me to do for you?” I did a quick search online to recall which situation he asked this question. I was surprised that he asked the same question twice. First, he asked two of his disciples. And then, he asked a blind man. The disciples asked for position, prestige and glory. The blind man asked for sight, for healing.

Since the question was asked twice, I thought why not ask the question to ourselves with pen in hand, answering Jesus ourselves. I set the timer for five minutes, and the women, even if they didn’t really know Jesus or had much experience with journaling quickly poured out their answers. It was such an honor to hold this space with them.

Right now, I invite you to ponder this same question, as if Jesus was asking:

“What do you want me to do for you?”

Even if you’re not familiar with Jesus or comfortable with answering questions in a journal, would you ponder this powerful question?

Knowing what we want can be so insightful and freeing.

I will be back soon, with more words, prompts and nourishment for our souls! Enjoy!


8 responses to “Taking Stock”

  1. Kel: I want to be healthy. I want to not feel fibro pain in my arms. I want to get a decent nights sleep without taking something that makes me feel like a zombie the next morning. I believe then I could do the things I want to do for the LORD and do them easier and maybe better. Also the things I have to do.

  2. Cecelia-I am confident that Jesus hears and cares about our need and desire for healing. May His healing presence be with you in all you do. Blessings-Kel

  3. Kel,
    I always love the words–Jesus’ words and yours–which you serve up here… too good to remain on pantry shelves. (And our pantry is behind a door). thanks for opening the door to your pantry (and your soul) for the world–yes, world! Had you ever thought of it in that way). Just wow! I can’t believe you have been writing here for EIGHTEEN YEARS!!!!!!!!!!! I had noooo idea. That is so wonderful. I’m so glad you introduced me to your blog. and I love using Scripture to prompt my writings, and questions are a great way to do that. They always produce such unexpected insights. Love all you do.
    Happy February.

    1. Thank you, Lynni! I am so thankful for the fire you have kindled in me to passionately journal for myself and now to share the spark with others! Where did February go?

  4. I’m glad you’re back. And once a month sounds just right. Rejoicing with you on the journaling workshop time~you are a gift!

    1. Thanks Jody! I appreciate your encouragement and support and friendship via the internets. I look forward to more of your offerings on your blog and hopefully more books 🙂

  5. January may have felt long on challenge and short on wick, but what a powerful session you’ve shared with women. And now, with us. This is a question I’m going to ponder, starting now . . . Thank you for bearing the flame forward all these years.

    1. Hi Laurie- Just getting back to replying to comments, and brewing up some thing warm for our souls later today. I am thankful for your presence in this community of soul stirrers! I look forward to your words whenever you serve them up!

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