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Devour: To Enjoy Avidly

Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good! (Psalm 34:8 ESV)


It’s summer break here! And that means Ant Kamp! A wonderful world that I create in my imagination, using resources from my stash of creative pursuits combined with my two nieces and the twin nephews.

The first day, I arrive at their house with feasts of books, art supplies and ideas for adventures to devour. I let them sleep in, and one by one they find me on the back porch, which has been transformed into a summer camp cabin with places to lounge and to eat and to make things and memories.

Yesterday, they found comfy places to sprawl. One in the wicker rocker, two snuggled on the “window seat” made from a camp cot, comforter and pillows, and the fourth and youngest on her back under the coffee table; each listening, but ready with their own thoughts and opinions of this summer tradition of adventuring together.

I decide to start the conversation with the topic of reading goals, suggested by their mother. Read two books this summer, one you like and one you normally wouldn’t choose. They have to be chapter books.

Before I finish, the questions and clarifications fly. Can it be a book I already read? Can I use a book I’m in the middle of? Why a chapter book? I don’t like to read.

I try to convince and cajole them into believing this is a clear cut goal and expectation. More questions and a few groans. I table the topic.

We move into brainstorming ideas of fun activities. I slip in a mention about finding a notebook to use for writing. (Knowing they might find that topic suspect. A little too much like summer school.) No reaction yet, so I will weave it in again another time.

I save the big surprise for last. Grandma says we can get goldfish for the aquarium. The youngest can’t believe her ears, and the others start thinking of what name they will give their fish.

Later in the day we eagerly pile into the car. Off to get our fish. At the pet store, the worker recommends we get a filter and condition the tank for a week first. I was happy that they took the delay in stride. Goldfish next week.


Today, I want to revisit the idea of reading. Maybe if I suggest they devour a book that will whet their appetite? We will see.

What do you want to devour this summer?

3 responses to “Devour: To Enjoy Avidly”

  1. I want to get my book project down the road. I would like to finish a decluttering of my house. We are traveling tomorrow to see our son who will be camping out this weekend. Hubby has always loved this campground and decided we would go down. I have hopes of attending a writing conference at a college a short distance from our town. VBS and a church project. All these activities could take me clear up to November. 🙂

    1. lynndmorrissey Avatar

      Kel, you’ve whet my appetite! Hmmm… summer deliciousness! I think they will take to reading. What about Chronicles of Narnia in the Kel-version order? Please tell me to. I think I would like avidly to devour those this summer. Enjoy all your crazy, creative fun!

  2. devouring books, for sure.
    You are one fine Aunt. (and the quote in your collage is powerful. well done.)

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