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Poetry Revisited

They are like trees planted along the riverbank,
bearing fruit each season without fail.
Their leaves never wither,
and in all they do, they prosper. 

(Psalm 1:3 NLT)

At Ant Kamp last week, we had several guests including Juniper Gillian, my sister and the kids’ mom. She spent Tuesday with us in the Secret Garden . . .  painting, eating lunch and slurping sno cones. Later in the afternoon, she challenged us to write poetry. The little ones went off on other adventures, while Apple Pie, Juniper Gillian and I wrote poems. Here’s some of our fruit.

painting by JG

A Flower
A flower, it opens in the morning,
but closes at night.
Is it afraid to stay up all 
night? Does it wonder what the sky looks like when it
sleeps? If you think that, 
then next time don’t pick
the flower. Let it dream.

Written by Apple Pie (2013 copyright. all rights reserved. Apple Pie.)

Two Haikus

two shoes a pairing
travel on the path alone
dare to find a way

pass by blowing winds
to tell the story in time
of new life again

Written by Juniper Gillian (2013 copyright. all rights reserved. Juniper Gillian.)

Three Stanza Haiku

tidal pounding waves
uniform polish flat gray
rock garden lined street

haystack rock stands firm
immovable mass unmoved
sunlit moss glows bright

rock or wave which me
illuminates middle years
ebbing and flowing

Written by Juniper Gillian (2013 copyright. all rights reserved. Juniper Gillian.)

Red Shoe

red shoe with a hole
found along the creek bed old
where is your mate?

Birds of a Feather

birds of a feather
tangerine, yellow and green
a tropical view

A Riddle

one chip
two flips
three dips
four rips
five nips
six hips

what are you?

Written by Kel Rohlf (2013 copyright. all rights reserved. Kel Rohlf)

5 responses to “Poetry Revisited”

  1. I am beside myself…….this was a veritable smorgasbord of lovely words. The flower poem? By Apple Pie (a pseudonym, yes?) was just precious. And the haikus? Impossible to write it you ask me–your sister excels?And I have no idea what the answer to your riddle is…..Smile.A rose???

  2. 'if' you ask me. If. sorry.

  3. My, what a lovely little feast! Right from the start, with "Apple Pie'"s, which captures me! (Totally stumped on your riddle though.)

  4. Jody- Glad you stopped by…Apple Pie is my niece…she has a knack for poetry and I hope to share more of her work in the future…the riddle has no answer, but I thought it would be fun to see people's response and also to have the kids try to draw this imaginary being or thing.

  5. Sylvia- What fun we had writing poetry in community. I hope we get another chance. Apple Pie is my niece and she is a budding poet.

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