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Brave: Colorful, Excellent, Splendid

Be brave. Be strong. Don’t give up.
Expect God to get here soon. 
(Psalm 31:24 The Message)

Braving this world takes courage. Courage is the typical definition of bravery. But I am not satisfied, so I picked up my dictionary. Brave takes on new meaning. Colorful. Excellent. Splendid. Not what I usually think of when I visualize brave. But I like it.

When I choose bravery, may it be bold and colorful. Stretching me through the spectrum of the prism or spinning me round the color wheel. Dabbing my brush into the palette provided and choosing excellent strokes of magenta and turquoise and cadmium yellow and bright orange and ultramarine blue.

Will I  bravely mix in black or white to get a varied shade on the meaning of life? When I step back from my painting life can I dare declare, “Splendid!” ?

Braving this world makes beauty.

(The art featured in this post represents my most recent attempts of creative bravery.)

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15 responses to “Brave: Colorful, Excellent, Splendid”

  1. Well, I love words and love that you want to know their precise meaning. And I LOVE THIS!….the word, the color, your words, your sentiments, your BRAVERY. I think people might dare to be brave if they thought they were making a colorful brushstroke for Jesus, and wiping out dullness or the darkness of sin. Thank you my brave warrior woman in Christ.Onward! Charge! Color the world for Him!Lynni

  2. So impressed by your creativity!! Gorgeous!

  3. Kel – so colorful like you! I think I want to explore more about coloring outside the lines. Thanks for the visual cue! And, yes! So brave!Hugs,KellyPS You bring words to life!

  4. Why don't we live closer? WHy? I will tell you I have been perusing paints…playing with the ideas, but afraid. I mean what am I? Painter? No…yet I so long to create…Good on you! Proud of you, Brave girl! I feel so closest to Him in creating and He keeps bringing us into a neverending journey…yes? It is so wonderful, exciting and unpredictable!

  5. Lynni- It's most fun sharing the journey with other word lovers! You color this world with joy and wisdom!

  6. Thanks for stopping by Ruth! Creativity is an untapped beauty in each of us…we have to define it within our belovedness and not through comparison…therein lies the joy!

  7. Kelly- I love your passion for play and I love all the colorful ways you express yourself…painting, knitting and laughing 🙂

  8. Dawn- I know! I almost linked this post up with your Random Journal Day, but wanted to post something a little later :)I must admit it wasn't until I just started playing around with different paints, crayons, colored pencils etc that I found out that I am an artist…I am not a fine artist…but I love playing with art 🙂 A couple resources that have spurred me on our Daisy Yellow's blog and a book I got from the library called Brave, Intuitive Painting, Let Go, Be Bold, Unfold! (Flora S. Bowley)I hope you color and create as God designed you to do! 🙂

  9. I really like the second one. Love the colors.

  10. I love the dictionary: it is like a kaleidoscope taking common glass or plastic and with the refractory light opening all new worlds to us ! I am glad God gives you a love for words, you are just like your Father!

  11. Hey, Kel you have permission to share my painting with Dawn. Be encouraged to jump in, Dawn. Very rewarding… hmmm now i have a new idea about a next blog post…

  12. The interesting thing about the second painting is that I just was cleaning off my brayer on that page from another project…and then later I decided to use a white charcoal pencil to attempt drawing an icon of Christ.

  13. I love your comparison of the dictionary to a kaleidoscope…never put the two together in my mind before…it really works for me…I love the way the Father wires us for life and gives each of us some of his traits!

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