Pilgrimage: Any Long Journey, Especially One Undertaken as a Quest

Happy are the people whose strength is in you,
whose hearts are set on pilgrimage. (Psalm 84:5 CSB)

For the past twenty-one years, my heart has been set on a pilgrimage. A quest to write words for the weary. About ten years ago, I published some of those words in a small volume called, Defining Moments: Overflowing with Living Words. A couple years after that, I began a pilgrimage, which I call souldare. I had a separate website from this blog, and this year it seemed like a lot of effort to maintain both. So today, I introduce to you one place to find all aspects of souldare. This blog site and the iterations before this one have had many names, but most of them contained the word “soul.” This is a place to meet your own soul, to reveal my soul and to meet other souls. And it’s still a spot to take in a few words, especially if you feel weary.

I am an adventurer, a seeker, a writer and an artist. I am a person who likes to share and explore and discover, while inviting others to quest with me.

When I started the souldare pilgrimage, I mulled over and sought help with developing a business plan. Crafting words to describe my intents, my hopes and dreams for this idea weighed me down. My friend and life coach, cheered me on to create a business plan that worked for me. So one day, I gathered a blank canvas that I was saving for something important. And a pile of magazine images that had been sitting in my studio for a couple years and some paint I never used because it was expensive. With all these at hand, I started playing and creating and finding words and images that resonated with me. The image above was the result. I know what it means and it inspires me to keep developing this thing called souldare.

I want to appreciate all the souls, not by name, but from my fond memory of witnessing each of us, as we grappled with our created selves, who journeyed with me while discovering that we are artists and writers and dreamers and creators and lovers of all things; both the good and the difficult. Without you all, souldare would be nothing.

It would take many posts to describe the pilgrimage, but for now I just wanted to say:

“Welcome!” to souldare.com

This space will now be the online base camp for all future souldare pilgrimages. My own writing journey. The souldare experiences. The adventures called “Intuition Diaries” and “Cereal Bowl Series” and “Defining Moments.” The classes, which are really creative communities where we explore writing prompts and artistic expression. Come back often to see what’s happening.

For now, I have archived most of my page links, as I develop new content. This summer, this site will be the landing platform for the next big adventure: taking the Intuition (our happy little boat) to the inland passage of Alaska!

Have a happy day!

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