29 Days of Seeing NEW

FREE journal prompts to expand your perspective

Day One: Perspective

Day Two: Awareness

Day Three: Work

Day Four: Remembering

Day Five: Random Wishes

Day Six: Imagination

Day Seven: Arguments

Day Eight: Wonders

Day Nine: Word Search

Day Ten: Generosity

Day Eleven: Impossibilities

Day Twelve: Permission to Play

Day Thirteen: Courage to Play

Day Fourteen: Seeing NEW

Day Fifteen: Transformation

Day Sixteen: Expectations

Day Seventeen: Am I an Artist?

Day Eighteen: Iteration

Day Nineteen: Listen

Day Twenty: Happy?

Day Twenty One: Progression

Day Twenty Two: Uncertainty

Day Twenty Three: Experimentation

Day Twenty Four: Perception

Day Twenty Five: Expansion

Day Twenty Six: Constructive Rest

Day Twenty Seven: Questions

Day Twenty Eight: Creative Practice

Day Twenty Nine: Intention