27 Weeks of Being YOU!

A self-paced weekly journey of discovering yourself through writing and art making

Week 1: Discover Your Created Self

Week 2: Being YOU!

Week 3: What’s in YOUR Name?

Week 4: To-Be List

Week 5: Limited Edition

Week 6: Love Will Keep YOU Together

Week 7: How are YOU Feeling?

Week 8: What are YOU Afraid Of?

Week 9: Behold YOU!

Week 10: Getting to Know YOU

Week 11: YOU are Wise!

Week 12: Becoming YOU!

Week 13: When YOU are YOU!

Week 14: Don’t Give Up On YOURSELF!

Week 15: List YOURSELF!

Week 16: Brainstorm YOU!

Week 17: Mirror, Mirror

Week 18: Immortal YOU

Week 19: Knowledge is POWER

Week 20: Get Inspired! Celebrate YOU!

Week 21: Opportunity Knocks

Week 22: What Are YOU Waiting For?

Week 23: Being Is  . . .

Week 24: Bold, Different, NEW!

Week 25: Acceptance

Week 26: Happiness Is . . .

Week 27: Thankful YOU!

Thanks for joining me on this journey. Feel free to come back anytime to revisit the prompts and art journaling techniques. Enjoy Being YOU!

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