28 Days of CRAZY IDEAS

Ready for some crazy ideas to feed your creative soul?

Day One: Intro

Day Two: Trust

Day Three: Brainstorm

Day Four: Be YOU

Day Five: Ask for Help 

Day Six: It’s OK to Be Happy

Day Seven: Daily Practice

Day Eight: Listening

Day Nine: Permission

Day Ten: Prompts

Day Eleven: Dictionary Quests

Day Twelve: Use a Timer

Day Thirteen: Make Things

Day Fourteen: Ask Questions

Day Fifteen: Letting Go

Day Sixteen: Go to the River

Day Seventeen: Use What You Have

Day Eighteen: Telling Yourself the Truth

Day Nineteen: Just a Picture

Day Twenty: It’s Okay to Be Afraid

Day Twenty One: Organize by Season

Day Twenty Two: Rest

Day Twenty Three: Daily Reading Inspiration

Day Twenty Four: What If

Day Twenty Five: Collect Quotes

Day Twenty Six: Goodness Sightings

Day Twenty Seven: It’s Okay to Succeed

Day Twenty Eight: Defining Moments