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I am Listening

Let me rest in grassy meadows;
    Lead me to restful waters;
       Keep me alive. (Psalm 23:2 CEB, paraphrased)

Alley Spring State Park, Missouri

This fall I went on a little getaway to the country with a friend. We went to do some vision casting for our lives. Instead, we were led to waters of rest. We got up in the morning to see as many of the local springs as possible. We went to five different spots within eight hours. I was able to embrace the Creator of the Universe that day.

Today, that adventure seems far away, yet it has left its imprint on my soul. I long for similar encounters with Nature and the Great I AM. I wonder, if Moses longed for another encounter with the burning bush. And how often did David contemplate his surroundings before he wrote the Shepherd psalm? And do we have to be outdoors to encounter the Creator of the Universe?

Today, I was walking/running on our treadmill. I was listening to a recording of Psalm 23.  Often my imagination wonders. It goes something like this: What if, I could hear this familiar psalm in a fresh way? What if, the Shepherd of the psalm started making I am statements. What if, the sheep responded?

Here’s what I imagined:

I am your Shepherd.
I am generosity.
I am rest.
I am restful waters.
I am life.
I am guide and protector.
I am feast and defender.
I am goodness and kindness.
I am dwelling place.
I am forever.
I am your Shepherd.

I am your sheep.
I am needy, yet not wanting.
I am tired, yet rested.
I am dying, yet alive.
I am lost, yet on a path.
I am hungry, yet not starving.
I am met by goodness and kindness.
I am home, yet not yet.
I am eternally, your sheep.


Choose a familiar poem, psalm or song and imagine the author speaking to you in “I am” statements, and if you want respond to those statements in your own present tense, first person, “I am” voice.


6 responses to “I am Listening”

  1. Love this Kel… this interactive rendition of the psalm. It remains one of my ultimate favorites, in large part, b/c it is so personal. you’ve given me another way to personalize it w/ my Shepherd! thank you!!
    *I am* grateful! 🙂
    Love you

    1. Lynni-I remember in your journaling classes, how you gave us permission to personalize the psalms, so I was spring boarding off of that technique today. I am loving where the Shepherd is leading with these posts for Advent! Thanks for being on the ADVENT{ure} with me!

      1. I am being so touched lately by Psalm 23… I may have told you… back to when I went to Prague in 2011 and most lately in Iona 2017. My Shepherd protected me and held me close all the way. How I thank Him for this amazing metaphor. Tx again so much for this really intimate rendition.

  2. Kel, I echo Lynni’s words. This post is beautiful and inspiring–thank you!

    1. Ssweet Judy, I can’t recall connecting you and Kel, but likely I did. 🙂 You will love this way to journal your psalm prayers! xoxo Lynni

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