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RJD Reunion, Intuition Diaries and a Giveaway

“Set your affection on things above . . .” (Colossians 3:2 KJV)


Hello, Random Journal Friends! Thank you, Dawn for getting us back together.

If you’re new here, a few years back I met Dawn and her band of merry journal keeper friends through her monthly Random Journal Day. Each month, we would randomly (or not) choose an entry from our past journals to reflect on and share a part of our journey.

When Dawn mentioned that she was having the reunion, I was super excited AND getting ready for one of our boat trips. So, all my past journals are back home! However, I did bring a journal that I started in January 2018, and its first and only entry was some musings about a book that I borrowed from the library. The book is called Write Your Heart Out by Rebecca McClanahan.

Rebecca’s thoughts and ideas for journaling are very much in tune with what I think of when I keep a journal. It was January, and I was retreating from winter. Here is my offering for Random Journal Day Reunion:

Sifting through and releasing the tension of living in this world and longing for another. To be part of a play, a story, a grand adventure, to get lost…I miss winter re-treat journals with magazine dreams and cozy little spots to think and muse and write and be prompted to imagine what otherwise I might neglect or miss.

A short entry, but packed with hopes, desires and memories of how I used to make winter re-treat journals. My journals continue to be a place where I pour out my heart, imagine new things, and practice creativity.

Often on our boat trips, I write posts for the blog called “The Intuition Diaries.” (If you search for “Intution Diaries” in the archives, you can read along with some of our past adventures.) Right now, we are anchored in a side channel off the Tombigbee river near the Howell Heflin Lock and Dam. You may wonder why we would be taking our time off to explore a river in Alabama. 1) It’s warmer in the south. 2) It’s part of a great loop that we are doing little by little. 3) Because we enjoy exploring new territory.

I like traveling on our boat. It is a retreat from the hustle and bustle of our daily life. For this trip, I made a matching set of journals that are bound together using a cut out notch in the paper and skewers. I plan to use these for capturing quites, collage art and sketching.


Today, I spent time creating collages and organizing my art supplies that I brought along. We had a wonderful day on the river, noticing the bluffs and all their texture, the hum of the boat cutting through the still river.


Many of our trips include exciting moments.

I am happy to report, we did NOT almost lose the boat while towing it to Alabama. When we stopped for dinner on the first evening, Les noticed one of the straps holding the boat to the trailer was dangling and the boat had shifted. Thankfully, the other three straps were secure and the boat didn’t bounce off the trailer. (We think the strap broke when we went through a rough pothole.) After dinner we drove on to Walmart in Holly Springs, MS to buy a replacement strap, groceries and “camp” for the night.

It was the first time that I didn’t complain about sleeping on the boat in a parking lot. This particular Walmart seemed to welcome travelers. A couple RVers parked with us, and even came over and admired our dog and the boat. One of the admirers told us that “We must have had something going on, and that we should never get rid of THAT boat.” Her comments stirred my heart, and I hoped that one day her dreams would come true again. She mentioned that she used to have it going on, but now she didn’t.

I am also happy to report that the rest of the trip has been very relaxing and uneventful, except that we lost one of my oldest beach towels. The wind took it last night. But that didn’t even phase me, because for some reason, I packed three towels for this trip.


And lastly I am happy to report that as part of the RJD Reunion, I am offering a giveaway of my little book, which I recently republished through CreateSpace. To win a copy of Defining Moments: Overflowing with Living Words, leave a comment below, and I will announce a winner by April 1st. (Just kidding, I’ll announce the winner on April 2nd.) Ha! I love an April Fool’s joke!

Defining Moments: Overflowing with Living Words

I look forward to reading the other RJD Reunion entries over here. Hop on over and see what other random offerings Dawn and her friends have for us.

Come back later this week for more from “The Intuition Diaries,” as we make our way up river to our next stop along the way.

Happy Spring!



15 responses to “RJD Reunion, Intuition Diaries and a Giveaway”

  1. Kel, I’m happy to hear about this random journal day link up and hope to jump in at some point. I’ve made it a point to begin re-reading my journals (starting with last year) and man, I wrote some inspired stuff!
    I’m SO happy you’ve decided to re-release your Defining Moments book–I will share it! yay you. Happy boating!

    1. Thanks Jody for stopping by…I think the link is up until this Friday, March 30…re-reading journals can be so inspiring…such interesting conversations to be had with God and self on the blank page. Thanks for sharing my little book…I haven’t had time to promote the new release 😜

  2. Hi Kel! Oh, I do love that you found a way to connect and appreciate you joining in so much! My dear kindred journal girl you are – no doubt! We love the same things! ANd your book still is a favorite…that book you linked also is one I LOVE and own. I actually came to that more recently – maybe 5 years ago or so…not sure…but I let my writers group leader borrow it as well…it’s probably one of the best I have read. Thank you for the pictures and the sharing bothe here and on Social Media…I don’t catch everything but hit or miss am always pleasantly surprised at your adventures!

    1. Dawn- yes kindred spirits are we…esp in the realm of journaling, Jesus and journey/adventures…I look forward to future collaborations. Love and hugs-Kel

  3. Kel: I love the message on the window of your boat. Your adventures on the Intuition are always something I enjoy reading. May God continue to bless you and yours.

    1. Me too Cecelia…a friend gave it to me for this trip…always glad to journey with you! Happy Easter in advance. Love and blessings-Kel

  4. Kel
    I was so pleased when I learned that you and Les were out “boating” again and playing Huck and Tom, meandering down the river of life. It really sounds so adventuresome. Interestingly, I was just telling Mike the other day what fun it would be to take a river cruise down the Mississippi, or perhaps even more interesting, down the Danube! We did once take a tourist boat on the Danube, but not a Viking cruise. It looks so inviting to me (but I shudder to think what it costs)! 🙂 On the other hand, you are Les are like honeymooners again, and that is truly far more romantic. And I love how you prove one of my big journaling points when I teach classes–that a journal is a portable feast. Truly you can pack a journal anytime, anywhere, and not only is it an adventure writing in it about all you are experiencing, but an adventure to reread it anytime, anyplace! I love that about Dawn’s RJDs! I hope to write a post for her as well. She’s invited me to give away one of my books too.

    Enjoy your time away, and I’ll love hearing your big fish stories upon your return!

    1. Lynni- Oh I hope you do get to go on a boat cruise …it’s such a unique way to experience a place. We ate at a restaurant called Huck’s while on this trip 🙂 I love journaling and collaging…I will have to write a post about the practice of doing a morning meditation each day on this trip, which kept me anchored to the lover of my soul, Jesus, each morning. Love and hugs-Kel

  5. You said so much in that little paragraph and gave me a very strong impression of your mind and mood at the time. Thank you for sharing it. The boat retreat sounds wonderful and I hope that you have lots of adventures to fill the pages of those cute journals you made!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Stacy! I am having a wonderful time, and have been filling the journals a little each day.

  6. Such an amazing adventure you are on! Wow! I love the water and can imagine the beauty you are drinking in every day!

    1. Thanks Susie! I love adventures! The water is a balm to my spirit, soul, and mind!

  7. Once again you have inspired me by example, Kel. Picturing you working peacefully on your collages even on a rocking boat, working with what you have, and taking part in RJD despite all your old journals back home: lovely! So glad also that you’re sharing another trip so I can “go along” on it.
    Happy boating!

    1. Sylvia- It’s always great to have you along…I still regret that we missed each other when we were boating on Cayuga Lake …I hope you are having a wonderful spring!

  8. […] I didn’t forget about the giveaway, I’m trying to coordinate with Dawn’s announcement. If you comment on today’s […]

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