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Advent{ure} Season No. 2

And God said, “Let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and years… (Genesis 1:14 NIV)

My sister, J. Gillian, with her surprise Christmas gift!

At times during this season, I have felt behind schedule. I didn’t decorate my house is one full swoop. I bought presents and wrapped them right up to and including December 24th. I could have berated myself, but a still, small voice, reminded me:

“It’s not too late.”

And my friend, Jody Collins’ voice, gently encouraged me,

“Start small. Start now.”

Earlier this year, Jody Collins announced that she was publishing a book to guide us into the Christmas season. To slow down the rush, to re-calibrate with a different calendar, to observe sacred days with a new sense of wonder. I had the honor of being part of Jody’s launch team, so I read her book early, and it set my inner compass. Her words kept the holiday season from overwhelming me.

A few weeks ago…

I planned to write regular posts during Advent to reflect on this season. To rekindle a sense of adventure in the cold, dark nights of winter was my intent. Instead, I chose to live in the moments. Asking the Creator of the Universe how to celebrate this particular sacred time, over and over, as the days unfolded.

One morning, my sister and I were talking about what kind of things could stave off boredom in our lives. We recalled pursuits that brought us joy.We thought about how play could be incorporated into our lives to push back the blues of winter.

On a cold, wintry day, my friend and I strolled through the Botanical Gardens. We turned off the path into a warming meander through the Climatron. She remembered how her sister had wanted to go to film school. I shared my recent insight, “It’s not too late.” Maybe her sister could still go to film school. We both felt a lift in our spirits, just thinking about the possibility of doing something now, starting small, but not giving up on our dreams.

Some time earlier this year . . .

I believed that I had achieved most of my dreams. I finished my English degree in 2011, and at the same time self-published a little book of devotions. The past several years, my husband and I have traveled on our little boat, a dream come true, a dream we didn’t even know we had until we bought the boat. I imagined our sons growing up, and leading successful lives. And they are living happy, successful and love-filled lives. I often thought about opening a small coffee shop, which hasn’t come to be, but I do have a coffee machine, and a home art studio/classroom. Space where we come together and build community and share our hopes and dreams.

As I pondered these dreams, I had a sinking feeling that I didn’t have any more dreams to fulfill. Then I thought again. A dream for happiness, a dream for love, a dream for sharing life with others, a dream of trying something new, or a dream of rekindling an old love may seem impossible. But as I pondered anew, what it meant to dream, my hopes soared.

This year . . .

I have had the joy of witnessing a handful of friends bring their dream to life. Each one followed a similar path, a path to self-publish a book. And their tenacity and hope, kindled in me a desire to re-publish my little book on createspace.

It’s not too late. Check out these labors of love, and cherished dreams:

Jody Lee Collins (Living the Season Well: Reclaiming Christmas)

Cecelia Lester (Times of Trouble Bring Rays of Joy: Thoughts of God and His Word)

Dawn Paoletta (Journaling for Discovery and Delight: Creative Journal Prompts for Your Journey)

A. R. Stanley (Dandelion Jane: Strawberry Jelly)

And my little dream . . .

Kel Rohlf (Defining Moments: Overflowing with Living Words)


5 responses to “Advent{ure} Season No. 2”

  1. Kel, you are so kind to mention my little red and white book….thank you for adding me to your list. ‘Defining Moments’ is still on the little shelf above my desk. I’ve actually started my own little book of words, thanks to your inspiration.
    So glad to have been able to add a nudge towards slowing down the season. Boy, do we need it!

  2. Kel: I feel honored that you added me to your list. I have ‘Defining Moments’ on my bookshelf in my living room. I plan to use certain words associated with a Christian’s walk during Lent and from time to time in my blog.

  3. Jody And Cecelia- I feel honored to be on your “shelf” and I look forward to lore adventures with our words in 2018!

    1. *more adventures 😊

  4. We need an update…I have been crazy busy with family life and stuff…soon though!

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