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Advent{ure} Season No. 1

Why spend money on what is not bread,
    and your labor on what does not satisfy?
Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good,
    and you will delight in the richest of fare. (Isaiah 55:2)


As I prepare for the feasting of Christmas, my stomach growls. I’m hungry for something. Something that satisfies, something good, something of the robust and rich promise of the season.

As I wait for for the passing of Christmas, my spirit languishes. I’m hungry for something. Something that satisfies, something good, something of the robust and rich promise of the season.

As I listen to the call of Christmas, my soul soars. My hunger for wonder, appreciation, welcoming others and celebration is real. I listen for that something that will satisfy my need for deep joy. I prepare for something good, both spiritual and material. I wait for the robust and rich promise of the season.

I want to spend my money on those things that fill us up, like a warm, crusty slice of bread. I want to work on things that bring satisfaction. I want to listen for the voice that calls me by name. I want to eat that which is good. I want to delight in the richness of God’s presence.

To appreciate and welcome this season will be my end of the year ADVENTure!!!

What are you longing for this season?

6 responses to “Advent{ure} Season No. 1”

  1. All the above, yes (so good!), plus settling deeply into Presence: God’s, foremost; then, that of others; my own. I want to sit more, rapt as grace unwraps itself around and within . . . Thanks for these lovely words, Kel. You always inspire me.

    1. Laurie- I hope your dreams came true this Christmas season! All the PRESENCE and GRACE poured out as you needed it and will continue on into the new year! Blessings-Kel

  2. I am on a quest for His guidance. I am longing for a definite sense of His presence.

    1. Cecelia- I love your quest! I pray your season continues to be filled with a “sense of His presence.” Blessings-Kel

  3. Once again I find you and I are on the same journey. I am on a quest for more awareness and soaking up of His presence, and the stepping stones that have been taking me there are more times of prayer through the Psalms, especially during those hours I so easily neglect, and thus lose ‘sight” of Him.
    And once again you are inspiring me to got on my blog and publish something! (So glad to see this post here!)
    But I never noticed till now how the word Adventure contains the word Advent! Now I think of this month as a real and beautiful Advent-ure!

    1. Sylvia- I hope you are having a great ADVENT-ure this season. I look forward to your posts…it’s not too late…is my new thought right now…I want to blog more now and into the future…I look forward to reading about your quests and adventures in 2018! Blessings-Kel

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