Crazy Idea No. 28: Defining Moments and a Giveaway


One of my crazy ideas over the years, included writing a book. And I did. It started out as little devotions, which I sent out via e-mail. Then I began self-publishing on xanga, and then blogspot. In 2011, when I was graduating from college, I decided it was time to self-publish a little book, as a graduation gift to myself.

Having collected the devotions over many years, I began to edit and compile them. While participating in a literary publication class during college, I learned how to format a book. From research, and joining a local self-publishing group, I networked with a local printer to publish it. By December 2011, I had a batch of 100 books printed, and I introduced my first book to my friends and family, and even a few strangers.

Now six years later, I’ve decided to move the manuscript over to, and see if I can distribute it again. It’s in review at the moment, and I am excited to see how it circulates this time.

This trial run with is giving me experience and confidence to consider a new writing project. So maybe, a new dream is on my horizon. Writing can be a satisfying, creative adventure, but also a lot of work to bring the crazy idea into being.

I’ve created a preview page, and would love you to click over there and see if it really works. Ha! And stay tuned for when it goes on sale! In the meantime, I have a couple vintage, first editions that I’d like to giveaway. So comment below, and I’ll pick some winners this Friday, November 10th!

What are some of your defining moments? Do you have a dream?


. . . to know the word that sustains the weary. (Isaiah 50:4 NIV)

9 thoughts on “Crazy Idea No. 28: Defining Moments and a Giveaway

  1. Dear Kel- I so look forward to catching up…I am struggling to keep up with everything – like your wonderful blog posts BUT wanted to just shout out encouragement and love to you as I am glad you are regrouping this beautiful effort. My new work schedule and life in general make s it hard to keep pace with all online…and writing deadlines offline, but wishing you all the best. I am hoping to release my book this month…I just need to finalize. It’s really finished, just need to make last couple changes and move forward…Sending hugs!

    1. Yay! Thanks for your encouragement! I can’t wait to see your book! I know about job juggling and keeping up…my job has slowed down so I had the leisure to blog this time 😊 yes let’s catch up via FaceTime or Skype soon! Love and blessings-Kel

  2. That is so awesome to grab hold of your dream and go after it! Publishing is also something I dream of for a over a year now I’ve been talking about how I really do want to write a book, but so far don’t really know what this book would actually look like. It’s still a dream. I hope I’m always writing and using my talents to help highlight the cool things people are doing. Anyway great post, good luck with the book!

  3. Hi Kel, you’re such a great encourager! I can’t wait to see the redo of your book!
    My dream is to get my books published in 2018. I have one that’s been in the works for some years about God’s grace being for everyone. There was a time I had a hard time believing
    God could love me or forgive my past. I know there are others who feel the same. And some who feel that they need to clean up their lives to be able to approach God. But we can never do that without Jesus. That’s what this book is about. Coming to God as we are and He will clean us up and make us whole and holy.
    The other two books are previous works. One I wrote many years ago as a one day seminar – The Joy of L.I.F.E. – Living In Faith Everyday.I want to turn it into a Bible study book.
    The other is a devotional book I wrote and printed on my computer for my small group a couple years ago that I want to expand and publish. I was working on additional entries, but my computer died and I had not backed up to my external hard drive. 😥

  4. This makes me so happy to read. I am so glad you did this. I long held the dream of a published book, and even thought I had one long ago. Sold the (children’s) book to a publisher, but the company got hit by a tornado before the scheduled books went to print, and suffered so much financial loss they went solely to book distribution. This is a true story. Enough similar “untimely” things happened after that re publication possibilities, that I figured maybe God was telling me what He told Baruch! You inspire me so much, though, that you make me wonder… Maybe it just wasn’t His time for me? After all, Moses herded somebody else’s sheep on the back side of nowhere till he was 80 years old! So, I dunno… But I am all excited for you. You go, girl!
    And I would be so tickled inside to have one of your vintage copies in my own possession.

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