Crazy Idea No. 24: What If


What if . . .you bought a 250ft x 15 inch roll of corrugated cardboard,


just because it was the right height for a book you were making. What would you do with the extra 249 ft and six inches of the roll?

First, I would share it with my students, who also are making a book that is 15 inches tall.

And then I’d make a giant coffee cup sleeve . . .


because my very creative, coffee-loving niece wanted to be this for Halloween:


Crazy idea becomes creative reality! What fun!

And I still have about 245 feet of corrugated cardboard…what would you use if for?

What if . . . you acted on one of your crazy ideas?

Take delight in the Lord,
    and he will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4 NIV)

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