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Crazy Idea No. 18: Telling Yourself the Truth



A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a photographer doesn’t always tell the whole truth. Nor is it possible to give the whole picture with one frame.

I had this crazy idea to share this photo with no explanation. If you’ve been following my series this month, you might be cheering me on. Saying things like, “Wow, she met her goal!” Or how many trips to Goodwill did she make to get her books down to just those shelves?” That would be nice of you to think all that, but the truth is this photo only shows part of my success.

Or another way to put it, “I’ve made progress, but I’ve got along way to go.” Now, I could tell myself that I’m a failure and that I better stay motivated or else! But that wouldn’t be very kind or true.

The truth is that I have worked hard and I have more to do. I am satisfied with my progress. And now it’s time to take a break, so that I can enjoy a family dinner tonight. I may even step outside to soak in some sunshine on this blustery autumn day.

How do you evaluate your progress? What’s a positive truth you can tell yourself today?

I hope you get to enjoy the rest of you day.

In the meantime, here’s a couple more photographic perspectives on my book sorting adventure.

Borrowed books that I need to read and return 
Books I want to read (and that didn’t fit on the shelf)
Books I hid under the pool table

2 responses to “Crazy Idea No. 18: Telling Yourself the Truth”

  1. I love this beautifully balanced post, and its revealing photo at the end! This is such a sensible, and freeing, example of how to tell yourself the truth, and the whole truth! It’s so easy to keep seeing the unfinished and not give oneself credit for the hard work done and the steps accomplished.
    I also hope you did get out in the sunshine. (I planned on it, but never got there! Today is cold and gray, but fresh air is still good and outdoor light is brighter and better than indoor.)
    Thank you for your blog posts, Kel. They really encourage and inspire me–and often make me smile or laugh besides!

    1. Sylvia-So glad you enjoyed the post! I have fun pondering what will make it to the posts…it’s nice to know I made you smile and laugh…humor is good medicine esp on gray days…blessings Kel

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