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Crazy Idea No. 17: Use What You Have


I set this crazy goal to go through thirty-one years of accumulated stuff before Thanksgiving this year. I have been downsizing our “stash” for the past few years, but the basement and garage (and ahem my art studio) still have quite a bit of sorting to be accomplished.

I was reading over at the Sylvr Pen today, and Sylvia made a good point about how to keep the creative juices flowing as a creative project ends. By mere coincidence, I was practicing her principle over here in my basement. I am still in the middle of sorting books, but the boxes of other odds and ends around the perimeter of the room were calling me to sort and gather things into categories for future decision making about whether to store or get rid of some of it.

All that manual moving around produced in me an energy to keep working on the project this evening. I had already decided to paint the white wall a fresh color the other day. My husband carefully asked, “Are you planning to paint the paneling, too?” And I immediately replied, “No, what, do think I’m crazy?” So tonight while he was out with some friends, I painted the wall.

A bright turquoise. Leftover from a previous project. I thought it was lighter hue, but it wasn’t. I think it’s very cheerful, and I hope it brings the husband some joy, each day he walks by it on his way to work. (His home office is in the basement.)

It felt good to use up something I had on hand, instead of buying more paint. I don’t usually hang out in our basement much, but this autumn a strong desire to use our home for celebration and hanging out with friends and family has been compelling me to clean the basement, and see what stuff we have that can be used or re-purposed or given away. And to clear off the pool table, so it can actually be enjoyed for its intended purpose.

How do you feel about your stuff? Do you have a soulPantry overflowing with abundance? What could you use that you already have? I’d love to hear what inspires you.

I will bless her with abundant provisions . . . (Psalm 132:15a NIV)

One response to “Crazy Idea No. 17: Use What You Have”

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Kel. And the inspiration. I have been getting encouraged in the reverse order of yours: To paint the one room upstairs, I moved furniture and “stuff” out of there into all the other rooms and the hallway, and now I am getting prodded strongly to make better order out of the art “stuff” I moved to my “creativity room.” I have also left clutter on my work table there that’s crying to be dealt with. I don’t start new endeavors readily at a cluttered work spot. So today, a bit of time (at least) reserved for seeing and ordering “what I have”—to use it!

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