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Crazy Idea No. 14: Ask Questions


Questions often birth crazy ideas. Like today, I was wondering what should I write about. I asked questions like: What have I already shared? What else sounds like a crazy idea? And then the ideas start percolating.

I notice the bunny on my hand, as I drive out of the neighborhood. That reminds me of several things, the recent road trip my mom and I took to see our Jersey family. And a subsequent trip to a local flea market, where I found this ring. I tried it on, and it fit. In my mind though, I was questioning whether or not I’d really wear it or was this ring really my style? Not two seconds later, my thirteen year old niece chimed in to my unspoken question. “That ring is so YOU, Aunt Kel!” Her affirmation sealed the deal.

The bunny ring brings to mind another question that my mom and I discussed on our trip:

What drives you?

Or another way to put it, what motivates each person to keep going, to do the next thing? These kind of questions become a quest, of sorts. One question leading to another, and then some possible answers brew. And next thing you know, the cup of answers is ready to pour.

Asking questions can be a communal experience like our conversation on the road trip, or a personal reflection practice. When I’m with others, I’m usually quick to offer my answer to their questions, but I am learning to let the question be with us. And often, the person or the question will answer itself.

Another meaningful way to actively listen, is to answer with an open ended question in response. What do you love about that? How could you move forward? Who else do you think your idea will impact or help? When can you make your next step? These are all questions we can ask in conversation, or even for personal reflection.

Have you ever thought about asking questions as an adventure? What keeps you from asking your questions? Do you have a safe person or place to engage with your musings?

If you’ve been following along this month, you can probably guess what I might ask next. Do you have a journal or notebook to write down your questions? I find pen and paper great companions for finding answers.

Here’s a question to prompt you: What is driving you?


Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find;

knock and the door will be opened to you. (Matthew 7:7 NIV)



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