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Crazy Idea No. 8: Make a List


Here’s a crazy idea: Sometimes less is more.

Sometimes instead of writing lines and lines of prose in your journal . . .

a list suffices.

“Make a list, you’ll feel better.”

How can that be true?

Try it. You’ll like it!

Let  me list the ways!

Making a list and checking twice feels nice.

Did you ever notice the word “list” is part of listen?

How can you listen with a list today?


O my soul, bless God,
    don’t forget a single blessing!

(Psalm 103:2 The Message)

2 responses to “Crazy Idea No. 8: Make a List”

  1. Oho! “list” as (key) part of “listen.” That’s a new one for me. And I love it!

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