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The LORD shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore. (Psalm 121:8 KJV)


On our recent travels to explore the upper Mississippi, in our sweet little boat, we experienced several interventions. Two that stand out to me, happened while we were traveling to and from the vacation. The Intuition remains on its trailer, while we transport it to our destination and back home. It’s a sturdy, trusty double-axle trailer made to carry its load. We have it checked out and serviced yearly, along with the boat. So we started our trip with no fear of it failing us along the way.

It took us two days to drive to St. Paul, Minnesota and the majority of the driving was done on our first day. We planned to stay in a overnight parking lot near a local Walmart. Truckers and boat/RV travelers use these spots to rest during their drives. I usually feel nervous and vulnerable, but this time I felt at peace. (We sleep inside the boat, while it’s on the trailer.) At dusk, we pulled into the lot, which had a few big rigs humming nearby. Shortly after we parked, a trucker parked right next to us, and asked if we minded; they keep their diesel engines running all night, which is noisy and odorous. We said it was okay, because we knew it was a public place, and we really couldn’t say no. A few seconds later, he spoke to my husband, pointing out that our trailer had a flat tire. We hadn’t noticed.

We were so thankful that the driver noticed and told us. And without us asking, he graciously pulled away, and parked in a different lot. A flat tire could have happened while we were driving, so this intervention was quite welcomed. If we had noticed it in the morning, the flat tire would have caught us off guard, and been a bit of an emotional upheaval. (As neither one of us does very well with setbacks and frustrations.) The next morning, Les replaced the tire with our spare,and I bought our groceries for the trip at Walmart. The spare was low on air, but providentially there was a gas station near where we had parked with enough space for us to pull in and add air to that tire. We had about an hour or so drive to the marina, so after stocking up with our supplies and a quick breakfast, we headed on our way.

For the next several weeks, I plan to chronicle our summer adventure while on our boat, the Intuition. Check back on Mondays to find out what happened next. At the end of the series, I’ll share the second big intervention we experienced on our trip home.

What unexpected intervention have you experienced recently?


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