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…and the pleasures of living with you forever. (Psalm 16:11 NLT)



What will we really do all day in eternity?

Savor sweet, just ripe strawberries?

Walk our dogs without leashes?

Drink rust-tinted coffee on our porches?

Stroll with our favorite Aunt B along the beach, choosing shells inlaid with indigo?

Play board games on rainy days?

Will everyone own a little brownstone cottage on the lake with bicycles and boats to transport us along the shore?

Collect mugs that remind us of a place, a person, or a pastime?

Live on our Intuition and never long for home?

Never weep because happy times were over?

Never have to say good-bye?

Never have to die?


I dedicate this poem to my Aunt Bev who left us this year to enter eternity. I dearly miss her and all the happy times we had at the Lake and cottages over the years. (Her and I pictured below, when I was a little girl 😊)


9 responses to “Requiem”

  1. lynndmorrissey Avatar

    Oh Kel, this brings tears to my eyes. It is just lovely. I can picture it all, and have, like you, wondered what heaven and the new earth will really be like. It will be all of the beautiful things you have cited and more . . . and heaven already holds Aunt Bev, with whom you will share all these pure pleasures yet again. I hadn’t known she had passed away. I am so very sorry for your loss.

    1. Thanks Lynni for your kind words and expression of condolences…ahh the day when death no more haunts our lives.

  2. Thanks, Kel

    So glad you have photos of childhood. Might want to take a stroll down memory lane when you return.


    1. Yes Gillian let’s go through photos this fall…mine, yours and mom’s…we can make it a weekend project 😘

  3. Kel, your vivid tribute expands my vision and hopes with its delicious details and questions, even as I ache with you for the loss of Aunt Bev,incomparable host, mentor and celebrant of life. I’m picturing her showing you around when you cross over. . .

    1. Thanks Laurie! What a wonderful tour guide aunt Bev will be! And we will all get to stroll the shores of eternity with our dear Savior, too! I love your post about focus…here I am…a great place to be…reminds of the verse “surely the presence of the LORD is in this place”

      1. “surely …” Oh, that is a line I hadn’t realized I needed to read this morning.”This place.” Thank you, Kel!

  4. Such a sweet poem And tribute to your Aunt B.

    1. Thx Jody! I dabble with poems every now and again…I pray your book is coming along…after vacation I want to get back to blogging…I have missed the community 🙂

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