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“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens . . .” (Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV)


From emptiness to fullness, how do we get there? Much has to do with seasons and timings. And transitions.

As I have witnessed the robin build her nest, which I almost removed from my porch lattice, I have marveled at how patiently she waits for the transitions to happen. She doesn’t squawk and beat her wings or chide the eggs to hurry up and hatch. She just sits on the nest and waits. Occasionally, she flies off to get a worm to eat, and then returns.

When the eggs hatched, she fed the babies and sheltered them from the wind and rains with her own frame. Then one day, I went to look at the babies, and they promptly plopped out of the nest, big enough to hop away and live their robin lives. The mother robin didn’t squawk or cry or say her life was over. She just reinforced her nest, and waited.

My husband did some research on the life cycles of robins, and we were surprised to find out, she might lay two more sets of eggs before spring was over. Currently, she is sitting on four new eggs.

She does what she was designed to do. Bear eggs, warm them until they hatch, feed the babies and watch over the babies, and then let them go.

I am learning to flow with the transitions over here. I am working part time, helping my sister with her fledgling teenagers, and traveling when we can. But instead of squawking and wishing I was in a different season of  life, I am resting in the now. Enjoying the creative flow of work, play and rest. Teaching art classes on Fridays, preparing for summer adventures and trying new things, too.

This summer on Tuesdays, I will be offering art journal/prayer prompts in The Consilium Prayer Room hosted by Janet Cafer and Irene Serrato. If you’d like to come along, request membership in the Consilium group, a private Facebook group. Tell them Kel Rohlf sent you. Once you’re a member of that group, then you can request membership in the prayer room to share in the community there. I hope you join us, and I hope to have more of a presence again at the soulPantry, as I transition to the adventure of hanging out this summer with my nieces and nephews.

How are you handling the transition of the seasons?


7 responses to “Transitions”

  1. Kel, that is a remarkable opportunity for you over at The Consilium–your gifts will be a blessing, for sure.
    I’m still writing a book, so growing and tending right now through June. I’ll be in transition next (July and August) then getting ready to launch–in October.
    My season currently doesn’t leave a lot of extra time for
    just reading…which I love to do. That is a loss I’ll have to deal with for now, while I prepare my own book.
    Thanks for asking.

    1. Jody-I’m so excited for your season of birthing your book! I can’t wait to read it and help tell others all about it! I will be praying for you as you write and launch your “baby” into the world.

  2. Kel: I have completed my collection of meditations. I have had part of it read by local friends and have found a professional editor that has the manuscript now. I have also written a short play that I have to tweak. It will be presented at our church in November. I am doing research on another short play for Good Friday, 2018. I have to decide about what avenue of publishing to pursue.I find this season of life exciting and challenging. BTW, your entry on this season of life topic is the second one I have in my inbox today. God must be telling me something.

    1. Cecelia-What a joy to hear of your progress and a professional editor for your meditations. God really is producing fruit through your writing. And two plays, wow!

      Blessings on all your ventures!

  3. lynndmorrissey Avatar

    Kel, I’m thrilled that you will experience a season of greater sharing over at the Consilium. I know you’ll love these women the more you get to know them, as they surely will you. I appreciated your mentioning that waiting is a part of any transition, and likely especially right before our new season launches, or takes flight as the bird metaphor goes. And oh to know what season you are in, and what you are designed to do. That’s so important. I’m fond of robins, especially when I recall Sheridan’s term for them. I loved the way her baby ears translated my adult sayings. So for her the robin red-breast became robin red-dress. I like her way better.
    Sending much love and thanks for a lovely post!

    1. Lynni- I love Sheridan’s robin red-dress phrase…I am looking forward to seeing each one of us fulfilling God’s design for our lives

      Love and hugs

  4. Kel, what a beautiful, hope-filled post—words and photos. Your determination to find pleasure right where you are is inspiring. I’m still in a season of caregiving for my man, watching for blue eggs and nests along the way.

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