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Texture Defined

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1 KJV)

This past Monday, I invited some creative companions to join me on a texture treasure hunt. We met at this really awesome place in our community called Leftovers, Etc, where you can fill an empty bag with found treasures, in order to keep our landfills a little less cluttered.

Just imagine several shelves filled with donated papers, gently used magazines, old calendars, postage stamps, fabric and ribbons, as well as plastic containers of various shapes and sizes and other interesting, discarded items that could become mark makers and texture in a mixed-media collage.

Three of us showed up, and I gave my friends an envelope with the definition of texture and a challenge. We enjoyed pointing out and sharing treasures as we filled our paper grocery bag. One friend gathered an armful of blue, patterned fabrics for a quilt project, costing her a mere $2.50.


The other friend found paper ephemera and other goodies. She shares the following reflection on her experience in her journal:

Imagine filling an empty bag with texture. What would you include?

Here are some photos of my texture hunt. I can’t wait to use and to experiment with the various finds.

Can you believe all that goodness fit into one bag?

Journal prompt: Texture is . . .

Challenge: Find one thing in your stash of art supplies or even something from your junk drawer that could add texture to your art or life.

6 responses to “Texture Defined”

  1. I love the variety of the contents of your bag. YOUr friend who bought the quilt pieces will have a beautiful quilt. I love the colors. I will be on the lookout for different textures in my ‘stuff.’

  2. What fun! I really would have enjoyed being with you three. But I might have snatched up some of those stamps before you got them, like the tangram one! What a creativity — and memory — spark!

    This reminded me of one fourth grade class I taught, and how collectively we came up with this idea of rewards in the form of our own self-printed “funny money,” named “Quackeroozies” by popular vote (don’t ask me why…), and given for good behaviors like being the row of pupils who had the neatest, cleanest desks at the end of the day before, or who were quietest during study times, and individually for homework done and such. Periodically I’d hold an “auction” on a Friday and “sell” stuff I’d rooted out of cupboards and drawers, much like the treasures you put in your bag. It made for great positive peer pressure, personal accountability, and fun.

    You also expanded my understanding of the word “texture.” I would have said, “Texture is… ‘the feel of a thing.’” I now see how it’s so much more. And just this morning, by an “accident” of turning on the radio at the right time, I heard Dr. David Jeremiah expounding on Psalm 139, saying God “textured” us in our mothers’ wombs!

  3. Love this application of scripture and wish I could have joined you with a bag to fill. I will watch for texture today! Thanks for the inspiration!

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  4. […] Kel Rolf at Soul Pantry has expanded my understanding. By definition texture also means means “the structure, […]

  5. Kel, I’d not read this. Drat. I wish I could figure out a way to get email reminders of your wonderful blog. The weird thing is that as I type, there is a little rectangle on my screen that says I am following you. I signed up ages ago. Unfortunately, your blog won’t follow me, and send the essays. Who knows?! This somehow all has to do w/ WordPress blogs, I have followed; then something weird happened. Ugh. *Anyway!* Sylvie linked here, and I loved this. And I need to find that store. You and I have talked about layers before, and of course, texture is a part of that. I immediately think of the word “text” is “texture” and how both come from two Latin words, and yes, have to do with structure and with weaving. Don’t you also love to weave words to give texture and tangible support to our thoughts and emotions. And do I weave words that are constructive, supportive, edifying? More food for thought! Thank you for sharing!

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