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More Texture

O my soul, bless God.
    From head to toe, I’ll bless his holy name!
O my soul, bless God,
    don’t forget a single blessing! (Psalm 103:1-3  The Message)

We know the truth, not only by the reason, but by the heart. (Blaise Pascal)

I collect texture, rather than shells. I gather artifacts that fascinate me. I add texture to my journals, both written and visual. I layer paint and scribble words or make marks to add depth to the page. I glue disparate images and words together to make meaning. I am lost in the world of texture, shadows and reflections. It is good.

I am a poem, my friend reminds me via a text. I have had little contact with the outside world. My contact with the outside world mostly consists of encounters with strangers. I went to town yesterday, and met a prophet, a laundromat seer. He told me that if you are good to vegetables, they will be good to you. He told me he knows things, like he could go to the convenience store and choose the winning lottery ticket. He told me that he was bilingual, he could understand all languages. He told me other things that kept our one-sided conversation going.  A very interesting encounter, which I record. It is good.

I have chosen this solitary time. Most of my interaction has been with the natural world, but technology intersects certain aspects of my life, like now while I muse here on this blog, and both are blessings. Living in silence can be restful, and other times it can cause me to feel like a trapped hamster spinning on its wheel. I may not speak much, but I still need an outlet to share my thoughts, to feel a part of others. I am not alone, but I am lonely at times. This happens to me whether I am home or not. It is good to share.


8 responses to “More Texture”

  1. I love the poetry within your prose here, Kel, and the quiet contemplative spirit of this piece. I really identify with your last paragraph. You are inspiring me…

    1. Sylvia- I did feel poetry infusing itself into the texture of the pride as I wrote this. I look forward to reading more of your inspiring words.

  2. About being lonely: I learned that being alone is being by ourselves. Being lonely is a reaction to being alone. I used to dread being alone, therefore, I was lonely. When I can find a book to read, a puzzle to do, writing to work on, I am not lonely.

    1. Cecelia- what a great observation about being alone and being lonely. I like how you found ways to add texture to your alone times, so as to counteract the loneliness.

  3. I love these sentiments and how God provides interesting textures and layers and dimensions of life, whether you are at home, on holiday, in isolation or sorority, or listening to poets or laundromat prophets! I love to interact with others. People have textures, huh, Kel? We need to do our “layer” class! These photos are truly noteworthy. They could make fascinating greeting cards! Another project?

  4. And doncha love that text and texture have the same root? Structure. Weaving. (Weaving a structure). You and I are word-weavers, and I love that!

    1. Lynni- I love your observations here and the depth you see in the words, their roots and how all these layers are metaphors for life. Yes, the photos may become part of my craft fair project 😊 looking forward to weaving more life and words and experiences together with you!

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