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Sugar Bay, Kentucky Lake

…stand still and consider the wondrous works of GOD. (Job 37:14)

“Do you know why books such as this are so important? Because they have quality. And what does the word quality mean? To me it means texture. This book has pores. It has features. This book can go under the microscope. You’d find life under the glass, streaming past in infinite profusion.” (Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury)

Often when we travel, I post musings about our trip: discoveries made, lessons learned and photos snapped. I like to document, share and process the day’s leisure.

I intend to offer these same kind of musings now, along with some prompts for you to enjoy or respond to on your own particular life journey. I might even recycle some posts from past adventures.

Today, I was mesmerized by all the texture around me. 

What does the word texture mean to you? How can a book have texture? Something to chew on.

And now a feast of texture, light and shadow, for your eyes.

What texture have you noticed lately?

4 responses to “Texture”

  1. Ohmagoodness, Kel. These shots are astounding. I sat mesmerized by the first one (it looks like a painting), thinking it was the only one, then scrolling down saw all those others. What stunning examples of texture! What a wondrous world of texture we live in.!I think I will be noticing texture everywhere tomorrow.

    1. Sylvia- I can’t wait to see how texture enters your life, your words and your art expressions!

  2. Kel! Simply luscious photos. Wow! You are sooo talented. I had never realized this b/f, but I saw the word *text* in *texture.* You and I love etymologies, and texture means structure, and text is also derived from that. So when we read and write text, we lend structure to words–we build a layer at a time (usually). Just as you have captured “painted” textured images here, you also often add painted layers of beautifully textured words. What a joy to behold. I know you are having fun!

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