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Manna: “What is it?”

Give us this day our daily bread. (Matthew 6:11 KJV)

“What is it?” That’s literally what God’s people in the desert asked, when they discovered the daily flakes of sweetness surrounding their tents. 

Today, I sit with this canvas. This daily practice of showing up and adding a bit of color, shape or texture. And some days, I just sit with it.

“What is it?”

A painting?

A poem?

A practice?

A self-portrait?

It is all of those and more. It’s an expression, an exploration and an expirement.

It’s a journey and a joy.

It has become both a habit and an altar.

It is my prayer, my daily portion.

It is good, but it’s not finished yet.

Here’s a question to prompt you this day: 

“What’s your manna? Your daily bread?”

Feel free to wonder for awhile, or to write about it, or to just wait and see what happens, when you ask: 

“What is it?”

2 responses to “Manna: “What is it?””

  1. Kel: God gives us what He wants us to have, what we need and not necessarily what we want. I’m glad He’s in control and not me. My wants could be very selfish but wouldn’t be very good for me. Praise God because He knows what is best for us. Blessings.

  2. Kel, what a marvelous daily practice. I like what’s evolving in the photo you show us. I really like the idea of small steps, often, as a way to quiet the inner chatter. Thank you!

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