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Prompt: Being Ready


So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

(Psalm 90:12 KJV)

Prompt, not only means to move to action, but also describes the actor. I used to think prompt, primarily meant someone who was always on time. But a little dictionary search brought out this nuance, to be prompt means “being ready . . . to act as occasion demands.”( What does it look to be ready?

What are we getting ready for? The tasks at hand. A vacation. A future.

Keeping a journal helps me to be prompt. Some people keep a separate planner or calendar, but I view each page in my journal, as both a daily marker and a record of my “readiness” for life. I write about things like the weather, my exercise, even sometimes what I eat. I reflect on my thoughts and feelings, and sometimes I respond to books I’m reading or just noticing things around me or going on inside me.

Another way that I observe life is by snapping photos of patterns, textures, colors, moments and people who inspire me. 

In my last art class, we were discussing the idea of seeing perfection in the imperfections. Or another way to say it might be, looking for the goodness in the brokenness of this world.

Last week, I posted photos of fresh sunflowers and some basil. I placed the basil in a cup of water. Today, I noticed these surprising white flowers.

One week ago


The sunflowers are fading, but even in their decline, their beauty haunts.


Prompt: Collect your favorite art supplies and try to capture some of the texture or color from the sunflowers. Or choose one of the photos, print it out and write about the image, and how it makes you feel. When you’re done, reflect on anything you notice or anything that surprises you.

If you like, I invite you to share your response in the comments!

If you’re looking for a jump start for your journaling journey, may I recommend Lisa Sonora’s FREE 30 Day Journal Project. Click here to join to receive daily email prompts.

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