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Prompt: To Move to Action


One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts. (Psalm 145:4 KJV)

To be surprised, to wonder, is to begin to understand. (Jose Ortega y Gassett)

Summer absorbed me into it’s activity. Adventuring with the nieces and nephews, balancing work and play, cheering others on in their creative pursuits, as well as, kindling joy and seeking goodness in every day life, filled my soul to the brim.

Summer shared its shadows, but mostly, I remember the sunshine. I recall the timely rains, which kept me from having to water the garden or the lawn. I rest in knowing that this was indeed, a happy summer. Leisurely, I relaxed into the present moments.

The fullness of the calendar overflowing with planned and spontaneous activities, motivated me. With school back in session, my pace slowed down, almost, too slow.

I needed a prompt. Something to move me to action.

Of course, I am still getting things done. Laundry, dishes, running, reading, writing in my journal, going to work, eating, breathing, etc. But something was lacking. I am a producer. I am a process artist. I am an inspirational writer. I need to share. I want to be a prompter.

I love to share my adventures. To share the things that inspire me, hoping that others will be prompted to action. To love and goodness, to play and work, to create and to discover. This is why I’m here. So, I’m back with some words, some ideas, some images and some links, and maybe even a few searching questions to keep our souls nourished.

Like this question posed by Kobi Yamada in his book Ever Wonder: Ask Questions and Live into the Answers:

Do you doubt your doubts?


Messages of encouragement from unlikely sources. Have fun, eat a fortune cookie. Write a response to it’s message in your journal, or glue it to artwork.


A fun question from a magazine article. Answer it and share with us in the comments. I  would have loved to hang out in the family room of the Brady’s. Their whole house was pretty groovy.


I continue to add something to this same canvas, which I started in January. The canvas is my prompt. I plan to keep at it until December 31st to see where it takes me.


Prepping the pages in my journal for September, gives me something to look forward to each day. Check out this video to get a inside peek of the journal.


Dreaming is free.

What prompts you? What moves you to action?

11 responses to “Prompt: To Move to Action”

  1. Every year, the weekend after Labor Day, our church has a huge rummage sale. The past two years, it has been a two-day affair. I spent time this afternoon going through some of my ‘stuff’ to see what I want to donate to the sale. It’s a fundraiser for our missions committee. They try to have some items for a silent auction, nicer things. My prompt has been trying to move things around to clean up my writing room. (It really needs it.)

    1. I think outside prompters usually help me the most, especially when it’s for a good cause like the missions sale. I also agree that having a decluttered environment is nice for writing. So glad to be back to writing here, I took most of the summer off, because life was full.

  2. Love the suburban art truck. Your ant family is so talented! I am encouraged to keep moving when I allow myself time to play, time to pray, and time to listen. Also, time to use. your prompts! Thank you for all you do,Kel!

    1. Carol- I like how you give yourself “time to…” It reminds me of you quest to be! Thank you for all your encouragement and example of what it means to prompt one another to love and good deeds.

  3. Susan G. Nelson Avatar
    Susan G. Nelson

    What motivates me? When my friend Kel connects using words, color, laughter, questions. Questions we may actually have asked ourselves but never gave ourselves time to explore. And then, she invites and offers me time, space, and a cup of something hot and a listening soul. Thanks my sister! You are truly loved

    1. Susan- It is a joy to connect hearts and souls and minds around the creativity of our lives and to live into those questions together. Looking forward to connecting in person, soon!

  4. Though my summer’s been full, mostly with a gardening challenge I needed to meet or have major “garden fail,” I’ve been using all kinds of writing prompts in small bits of time throughout this season, from online writing starters to books filled with hundreds of prompts. And I’ve dabbled now and then with art journaling prompts as well. But nothing seemed to be overcoming my blogging inertia till this little post of yours, Kel. Maybe it’s partly the timing because I have felt if I didn’t get started again by the 1st of September, I might not ever! But I think it’s more your spirit of wanting to encourage others and your example of pressing ahead past your own inertia to do it that’s getting me finally “into motion.” Thank you, dear friend! (Now I jolly well better get a post published by tomorrow, huh?)

    1. Sylvia- I am so glad I responded to the promptings in my heart to blog again! I am so glad that this movement over here is rippling into your world. I can’t wait to see what spills over from your practice of gardening, journaling and art pursuits! I look forward to reading your next post! Thank you for your kind words and sweet friendship! Kel

  5. […] great value for me gave me the hope that my own might do the same, if for only one person. And this post at soulPantry especially gave me a wonderful, friendly shove— “coincidentally” called […]

  6. Cried when I read, “Once upon a time, there was a beauty and a beast inside me, and from both I have been set free.” This personally touched me as it describes my life journey. Thank you for sharing Kel. As always I am inspired by you!
    Tracy Flori

    1. Tracy- I am thankful for you and our kindred spirits! I marvel at how God weaves our paths and how words can impact our hearts…the idea came to me one phrase at a time and it seemed profound and true at the same time.

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