How Happy I am THIS Summer!

 And how happy I was with what he created—his wide world and all his family of mankind! (Proverbs 8:31 TLB)


To be with children keeps your heart and soul alive. I have the joy and privilege to spend summer break with my nieces and nephews. We call our adventures: Ant Kamp. We have been so immersed in our own little world, I haven’t had a chance to do much more than chronicle our Ant-ics via photos on Facebook. I would love to tell you about it all some time, but today, I just wanted to say hello! And let you know I am HAPPY!

I have been playing! And working! And playing while working!

And neglecting the blog…so here I am tonight. And I really wanted to share some words, which I have been savoring from the blogosphere, as well as a couple fun art links. (And some happy snapshots from the summer thus far.)


Summer is For Reading by Jody Lee Collins (her new blog site is looking pretty spiffy!)

Offering by Kimberlee Conway Ireton

Never Left to Our Own Devices by Laurie Klein

Painting, Playing by Kelly Chripczuk

Mark Your Planner for 21 Days of Journaling in July with Dawn Paoletta

Are YOU Ready for 21 Days of Journaling with Dawn Paoletta

If You Want to Create:47 Ways to Get Started & Keep Going by Lisa Sonora

Scrap Monsters! Mixed Media Journal Project by The Little Ink






Individually designed Ant Kamp T-shirts!
One Sunday, I rode my bike to our local park and had a journal date.
I continue my daily PRACTICE of adding one element to this canvas..completed Day 177!




3 thoughts on “How Happy I am THIS Summer!

  1. Kel: You are making memories for your nieces and nephews. I love the idea of their making T-shirts. The tomatoes look very good. We get new doors on Tuesday. Our son was here last weekend as he wound up his 2-week vacation.In July Hubby has two surgery dates. At the end of July, we get our yard barn built. This past week was VBS at church. A busy time for all of the workers (40 of them.) Nice to hear from you.

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