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. . . rise up and walk! (Acts 3:7 ESV)

. . . for we walk by faith, not by sight. (2 Corinthians 5:7 ESV)


This week, we will contemplate the last question of the six investigative questions. We’ve pondered who, what, where, when and why. Today, we consider how. How includes the same three letters as who. And not surprisingly, finds its origins in the same root word for who, just like the rest of the questions thus far in our series.

How is related to why, because both lead to the cause or reason for something. How comes across as the more practical of the pair. Why being more of a philosopher. When we want to know the process, we ask how. When we want to know the purpose, we ask why.

However, how also knows how to go below the surface. For example, asking “How are you?”  can lead to various types of reflection. You could say, fine. And we’ll leave it at that. Or you could say, my back aches, giving us an assessment of your physical well-being. Or you might give us a glimpse into your mental or emotional state. When someone asks, how do you keep calm or maintain a gentle spirit, we begin to delve into their spiritual state.

I like how the “how” question informs and instigates. I can learn the way something is done, and then I can do it. I love “how-to” tutorials. I especially enjoy You Tube videos that help me learn more about mixed-media art techniques.

I recently found some videos called Mixed Media Morsels. The artist demonstrates how to use a pocket memo notebook to create little morsels of art. I liked the videos so much, that I spent the afternoon creating these little bits of color and imagery. Somehow, choosing colors and shapes brings me much happiness. That brings up another interesting aspect of how. Sometimes, I don’t really know how to explain the how of my experience. Sometimes the explanation escapes me. So for now, I will leave you to the wonders of how.

How about a prompt to help you get started? Finish the following phrase; write about whatever topic surfaces, as long as you can.

I like how  . . .

And how about some art morsels to whet your appetite!






How do you rise up and walk, when life feels like it’s pushing you down, or maybe even paralyzing you?





2 responses to “How?”

  1. Love this Kel! Thank you for directing me to it. wow! I honestly had never seen the who in how! 🙂 Like you, I love words and etymologies, or just the fun or musical sounds of them. And I love how you have explored the how and why of things, whether verbally or artistically or artistically verbally! 🙂 I love posing questions to classes and to myself. And yes, answering them always takes you below the surface of things. Jesus asked a lot of questions, didn’t He? I find it very hard to rise up without His help! I’m also going to recommend this post to my friend Jolene Underwood w/ Rise Up Writers!

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