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Perspective: Day Twenty Nine

Desire realized is sweet to the soul . . . (Proverbs 13:19 AMP)



We did it! 29 Days of Seeing NEW!

My perspective has been been enriched by your presence via comments and just knowing that you are out there loving yourself, nurturing your created self.

I would love to hear about your discoveries and joys, as you spent this month practicing self-care. I believe neglecting our own well-being limits our ability to truly care about others, to care about the people and the world around us, which we were designed to care about.

Here are three prompts that I regularly respond to in my journal. I give myself 5-10 minutes to quickly answer them. I like to visit these about once month, and especially if I’m feeling stuck, bored or even sort of depressed. (My sister, Gillian, gave me this idea, and I am so thankful she shared it.)

Here you go!

I want . . .

I need . . .

I cannot . . .


And as we say good-bye to this series, will you consider one more prompt as you look to the days ahead:

I intend to . . .

2 responses to “Perspective: Day Twenty Nine”

  1. My dear friend & sister in Christ;
    This has been a most revealing, enjoyable trip. You (& your collection of amazing artist and writer friends) have given me a new perspective on myself.
    Another dear artist sister once told me “judgement , shuts your brain down”. During this 28 days when I would be critical of some effort I had made I realized that my “self judgement” was shutting off the creative movements thus the flow of life,& love was obstructed. My NEW PERSPECTIVE allows me to see myself with NEW EYES and NEW Possibilities. MANY MANY THANKS FOR ALLOWING ME TO SHARE THE JOURNEY! I intend to go back through the 28 day adventure.

    1. Susan- so glad to be on the journey together! What wonderful insights…great self-care! Would love to hear how your intention unfolds for you as you continue the journey. Love and blessings Kel

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