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Perspective: Day Twenty Eight

 . . . mercies begin afresh each morning. (Lamentations 3:23 NLT)



We’ve been working a little each day, or if you’re like me, maybe you took several posts and caught up in one day. Either way the principle of doing a little each day, truly does bring accomplishment and a sense of completion.

In my opinion, creative work is never finished, but renews itself each day. It takes a new twist or turn, like a journey. A finished product may signal arrival at a destination, but there’s always another creative adventure waiting ahead.

Where are you at today? Looking back marveling how far we’ve come or lamenting that this particular journey is almost over? Express your feelings in your journal or with art supplies.

Some practical advice, if you want to maintain this creative practice, notice where you’ve been doing this work. Did you like your physical space? Do you need to try a different place to stay engaged or does the comfort of the familiar appeal to you? What time of the day did you generally write in your journal or play with art? How often did that time get interrupted? Is there a time you’d rather set aside for yourself? Why or why not?

Did you try pairing? Did you find a favorite pen or journal or art technique that you found yourself returning to? How likely are you to continue giving yourself permission to play? List the benefits of this practice. Did the benefits extend beyond the practice itself?

If you don’t feel like answering any of these questions, try this prompt instead:

The creative practice that works for me is . . .

or try the I notice, I am surprised by and I am aware of feedback prompts to reflect on the journey thus far.

Or give yourself a break, and enjoy a warm beverage.

my favorite pairing for my journal practice

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