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Perspective: Day Twenty Seven

It is pleasant to see plans develop.(Proverbs 13:19 The Living Bible)



I hope as we have journeyed together, you have caught a spirit of adventure and a renewed desire to create with words and images in order to take care of yourself, to treat yourself, to give yourself time and space to breathe, to think and to dream.

What questions have surfaced as you’ve journeyed through this month? We haven’t really discussed how questions can be great prompts for your journal.

Try responding to a couple of these questions today:

Where do you dwell?

How does planning impact your life, your creative practice?

What would it look like to continue on the perspective journey, once our 29 days together comes to a close?

Questions can often be a great way to brainstorm a topic. A friend once pointed out that there is a quest in every question.

If questions baffle you, be gentle. Go play with images and a glue stick. I like this collage because of the images and words. I glued some text on the page, and later came back and made a blackout poem. I really like the phrase: “she is always and never the same”

It gives me pause. It could be another great prompt to argue with in your journal. Is this true? How can it be true?

It resonates with me. How about you?


to place fresh
such as these
where they can echo

layering suggests only —

is one of the things most


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