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Perspective: Day Twenty Six

It is pleasant to see dreams come true . . . (Proverbs 13:19 NLT)



A few months ago, our youngest son sent me this invitation in a text: “Let’s ponder constructive rest.”

And later that week my oldest son posted a reflection about rest on his Facebook page: “Sabbath is not an obligation, but invitation.”

Sabbath comes from Hebrew, and is an invitation from God to create space and time to rest. This practice of rest is something, I think as a writer, an artist and a person evades me the most. Our culture is not designed to include extended times of rest. To take time to rest is a radical idea with far reaching benefits.

Take some time today to ponder this invitation. What is your perspective of rest? What would your life or creative practice look like if you considered rest, as crucial to your well-being?

Journal about it.

To me constructive rest means . . .

What would your most restful day look like? Make a collage including restful images.

Here are a couple examples of using collage that seemed constructive and restful to me this week:

Freeday Fun from The Sylvr Pen

Wanderlust Gluebook (Part 1) by Christine Heister

Wanderlust Gluebook (Part 2) by Christine Heister




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