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Perspective: Day Twenty Four

A desire fulfilled is sweet to the soul . . . (Proverbs 13:19 ESV)



Sometimes it is interesting to take a quote and break it into prompts for our journals.

So let’s try that today with these two.

A desire fulfilled is . . .

_____________ is sweet to the soul. (With this one try to use just one word to fill in the blank.)

It is the function of art to . . .

To renew my perception, I . . .

Collage is a favorite way to add image to my journal. Check out this video by Packer Di to get another perspective on how to play with collage.

By the way, the word, collage comes from French, and literally means to glue. I love how a word, like collage, elevates gluing things on paper to art.

Did you know Pablo Picasso, along with George Braque revived the use of collage, as a novelty art during the early twentieth century?

Here’s a video from MoMA describing the collage.

Go have some fun and PLAY!


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