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Perspective: Day Ten

Be generous: Invest in acts of charity.
Charity yields high returns. (Ecclesiastes 11:1 The Message)



Keep it simple
Enjoy the process

Sometimes, we get stuck. Life is boring or unproductive. The process feels like effort. A resistance creeps in to the work. Our perspective gets fogged over.

Maybe, you have been trying to keep up with these daily prompts, or I have overwhelmed you with too many ideas, choices and decisions. And you want to quit. So here’s an idea, take a break. Don’t try so hard. Be generous with yourself. Go gently.

And when we’ve calmed down a little, let’s just face it.

Resistance happens, and sometimes we just have to write through it, splatter paint on the paper, or scribble with a crayon. Maybe we need a change to the routine to outsmart the resistance. Write the same word or phrase over and over, until a new word or phrase pushes through into the light.

This is work, remember. It’s fun work. Work that takes energy. Embrace simplicity. Enjoy the process. Go ahead, pour it out onto the page. Start with this phrase:

Right now, I am resisting . . .

And if writing doesn’t help, try to trick the resistance with some play. Here’s a challenge for you. Try this mixed-media technique below to jump start your creative practice.

Seven Random Layers

And if resistance continues its barrage, confound it by watching one or both of these videos:

“Stuck” is a part of the creative process.

Ira Glass on the Creative Process


3 responses to “Perspective: Day Ten”

  1. Favorite line from the whole blog….
    Thank you for this my friend.

    1. Here’s to being generous to ourselves in 2016! So thankful that a phrase or a word can be just the encouragement needed! Happy journey, my friend!

  2. A great book on resistance is the War of Art by Steven Pressfield. Have you read it, Kel?

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