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Perspective: Day Six

the blind receive their sight . . . (Matthew 11:5 ESV)


Imagination is real. It is a way of seeing. It can be lacked or it can be labeled overly active. I need it to see inside my head. Imagination leads me to worlds, ideas and solutions that I would not have thought of logically. I am not saying logic and imagination are enemies. I am saying they need each other. They aid us in navigating the world around us and help us to perceive our inner sanctum. Imagination is dangerous–it can lead to new perspectives.

A definition often gives me greater insight.

Imagination (n): the ability to think of new things, something that only exists or happens in the mind, creative ability, the ability to confront or deal with a problem, the thinking or active mind (from

To me to not have access to imagination might be like being blind. But even blindness does not need to be an obstacle to creative practice. I heard about Sargy Mann through a mixed-media artist that I enjoy on YouTube, Carolyn Dube. So today, I am linking you to two short documentaries about his journey with creativity and blindness. After that, I have linked to Carolyn’s experiment with painting with a blindfold.

Sargy Mann

BBC Version of Sargy Mann

Painting Blind

Here’s your prompt for today:

I can’t imagine . . .

Now try it this way:

I can imagine . . .

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