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Perspective: Day Four

Having eyes, see ye not? and having ears, hear ye not? and do ye not remember? (Mark 8:18 KJV)


Sometimes I lose sight of who I am and how much I matter. How about you?

Keeping a journal, snapping photos with my phone and playing with art keeps my eyes open for beauty, my ears alert for messages and my heart keen on remembering, recording and rehearsing the good things to be witnessed in this life.

Take some time to see, to listen and to remember. Here’s your prompt for today:

I see myself as . . .

Sometimes we need a little something to inspire/motivate/kick us into gear with our creative practice. Recently, I learned a little technique that really helped. In the Creative+Practice workshop by Lisa Sonora, she mentions: Pairing.

The idea is to pair your intended practice with something you already do on a daily basis. Like that cup of coffee in the morning or your afternoon tea or maybe it’s a walk around the block and then you get started. Right now I’m pairing my canvas challenge with a photo a day to post on Instagram. I can’t explain how it works but it does. Here’s another simple connection. Do you breathe daily? Aha…that may just be the pairing we’re looking for! We breathe, therefore we practice.

Here are some photos that capture a snippet of how I see myself these days. I see myself as collecting, capturing and creating inspiration. I see myself as . . .

teaching myself how to photograph my art
remembering that riding my bike brings me joy
documenting the process and collecting quotes
learning from others (my 8yr old niece came up with this color palette)
creating flavor combinations: peppermint tea, lemonade, nutmeg and hot water
gluing random images into my journal and “listening”
making a healthy dessert: pear cooked in microwave 1 min or so, dollop of plain Greek yogurt and 2tsp of salted caramel sauce, just enough warmth and gooey to satisfy
surprising myself by maintaining a daily practice
doing the work





6 responses to “Perspective: Day Four”

  1. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Great post!

  2. Tracy- I thought of you when I added the photos…I know you love a visual feast like myself!

  3. Great post, Kel. Love your keen wide-eyed perspective! Pairing! So that’s what you call it. I think I have been doing this w/o realizing it . . . or maybe just calling it ritualizing . . . like pairing sipping hot tea with savoring a good book (or THE Good Book!) . . . or walking and praying . . . or singing and showering (!) . . . or emailing and talking (ugh! That is soooo rude). But I love the idea of enhancing certain practices with others. Granted, there are times when we need to focus and go solo, so that we are fully attentive. But at other times, combining things and practices we love helps us to enrich our lives to the max.
    Always love YOUR perspective, writing, art, and photography. You enrich my life.

    1. Pairings, I think comes from the culinary world…the whole what pairs well with what idea…but I liked the phrase for creative practice and using something that I already enjoy as a motivator to maintain the new intention. And as you say it doesn’t mean we can’t or won’t do these activities solo…this practice is esp helpful when trying something new. (at least for me 🙂 Love sharing the journey with you! Kel

    1. Kelly- I love a child’s perspective!

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