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Commune: To Talk Over or Discuss; Share

Come, let’s talk this over, says the Lord; no matter how deep the stain of your sins, I can take it out and make you as clean as freshly fallen snow. Even if you are stained as red as crimson, I can make you white as wool! (Isaiah 1:18 NLT)


To share with, to talk with and to spend time together these are the acts that build community. To enjoy these experiences with others brings light into the darkness. For God to proclaim that He desires community with us moves me to tears. To be reminded that God actually lives within the believer perplexes me, yet comforts me, too.

The preacher said, sometimes he looks in the mirror and asks Jesus: “Are you really in there?” That made me smile, but it’s true.  I wonder, “Are you really in me, Jesus? How can this be?” The mystery of communion.

To be connected through fiber optics and electricity and computer keyboards and bits and bytes of technology is its own mystery. And for this community, I am thankful. To share our hearts and lives with words, images and challenges. To cheer one another on in our faith and creative pursuits brings me great joy.

I leave you with some fresh happenings:

1.  I “found” my word for the year!


Practice.  I want to continue my practices of writing, making art, running and taking care of myself, and encouraging others in the process.

2.  I wrote a “new beginnings” poem, as challenged by Lynn Morrissey and Elizabeth Stewart.


Insight into
Now with
Great expectation.

3. A blank canvas becomes a 366 day challenge to add one element each day. To see how the canvas changes each day, follow me on Instagram: kelrohlf . Also I will be documenting the process at my souldare website and blog.

Day One
Day Two
Day Three


16 responses to “Commune: To Talk Over or Discuss; Share”

  1. Oh yay! You took the NB challenge. Love this. I don’t paint, so I am trying to figure out what I could do in that dep’t. And I smiled: Jesus, are you in there? Oh He is. Am I? Am I hiding from Him?
    I read in Genesis God’s question to Adam & Eve: “Where are you?” Where, indeed. I will try to post a Denise Levertov poem later that really speaks to me. In the meantime, finishing up preps for the Downton Dress-Up Dinner.
    Love you, Kel.

    1. Lynni-I love the concise compact work of an acronym poem that magically appears on the page…maybe you could write one acronym poem a day…hope you enjoyed your downton dinner party…it was a great episode

  2. Kel, is this your livign room? Somehow, I’m not recognizing the couch and table.

    1. The couch and table in the header are part of a collage 🙂

  3. Kel, this is such a delightful way to start the day….and the acrostic idea is intriguing….I’ll have to give it a try!

    1. Jody-so glad you stopped by…I would love to read your acrostic poem! I will look for it on your blog soon?

  4. Kel – You always ignite a spark of inspiration in me. Thank you for sharing your journey with Jesus. Yes, he is in there and he does so much to connect us all – near and far – over rides and lines and wires – just being there – God with us. Looking forward to this year and all the places that our adventures with Jesus will take us. Thankful for community. The body of Christ. Still praying about my word. It has something to do with Jonah. I am hoping to spend time tomorrow getting down to defining it. I know it is not “whale,” but I am wondering what it is exactly.

    1. Kelly-I will praying for you today and looking forward to see what word God inspires you with! It’s going to be a great year…with Jesus as our guide and friend and Lord!

  5. expectantlylistening Avatar

    I loved seeing your canvas start to grow on instagram….and now that I learn it is a 366 day project I am REALLY excited – wow!! what a GREAT idea!
    I used the online dictionary reference that you kindly shared with me for the first time to look up my word for the year: Flourish – the definitions and roots blew me away! I’ve printed them off to incorporate into a pictures and collages that will inspire me throughout the year 🙂

    1. Victoria- I am glad you are enjoying the canvas challenge…I’m excited as well…it gives me a daily reminder to engage with my created self and the Creator. I love the word Flourish…I can’t wait to hear how it unfolds in your life this year!

  6. Kel: I checked out your other blog. I like the way the sun showed you where to put the purple paint. I don’t do instagram, but I wish you well with your project. Blessings

    1. Thanks Cecelia! Me too, I like how everyday occurrences can show us where to go next…with Emmanuel at our side always and in all things.

  7. These words from your (clever!) acrostic, spoke encouragement to me: “Infuse now with great expectation.” With our great God, every year is filled with great expectations! That truth alone is enough to fill my heart with “bright energy” (more words from your acrostic. Thank you, Kel!

    Nancy (another Glory Writer)

    P.S. To me that canvas is a visual for great expectations!

    1. Nancy- Thanks for stopping by…yes every morning I wake up wondering where God will take me next with the canvas and with life! With great expectations!

  8. elizabethfstewart Avatar

    I’m slow! I finally got over hear to read your new beginnings poem. Love it! I’m excited to add your blog to my Feedly blog reader.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I look forward to see how this new year unfolds in God’s purposes and grace.

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