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Guest Post with Lynn D. Morrisey


“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.” (Revelation 22:13 ESV)

Please welcome, my friend, Lynn on this first day of the New Year! Enjoy her poetic reflections, and consider her challenge to pen your own acrostic poem. Here you go! 

New Beginnings
by Lynn D. Morrissey

Now, as I
Emerge from my chrysalis,
Wings still wet and weighted, still needing to be primed and pumped and filled
with life and
Blood and strength, before I rise air-borne, I
Envision possibilities—what shape dried wings will take when lifted up with air,
what horizons eyes will see when searching high above the
Ground, high above outmoded patterns, ways of being.
I take time now to picture and plan, practice and prepare,
Not taking to the skies before my time,
Not aborting my flight through over-eagerness, unsteadiness. Only
In patience, in measured waiting and pulsèd stillness, my
New beginning will come—suddenly,
with a rush of wind, a whirl of wonder, in God’s own
Good and perfect time. And because I will be ready, I will


Greetings in the Lord, and Happy New Year! I posted this acrostic poem on my Facebook page recently, and author Elizabeth Stewart loved the idea and said we should challenge other writers to flesh out a poem of their own, using the same New Beginnings “spine.” I love what she wrote at her Just Following Jesus blog. Click here to read.

I teach this poetry technique to my journaling students, and they are always amazed by what they write (especially since many have never tackled poetry before). It’s called the alpha poem (or the abecedarian), because originally, one penned the poem from A-Z, having each line begin with the next letter of the alphabet; but one can also use an acrostic phrase, song title, name, etc., which is written in bold and vertically on the left. The poem wraps around horizontally to the right. You’ll find yourself spinning a poem amazingly quickly, as each new letter pulls you forward to new observations and words you wouldn’t customarily have used. I often give alpha poems in pretty frames as gifts for birthdays, graduations, retirements, and memorials. Because they are so personal, I can’t tell you how much they are treasured by their recipients. Consider giving them as gifts of your own in the New Year.


With the bright dawning of 2016, why not try your hand at a NEW BEGINNINGS alpha poem of your own, and see what unexpected and profound insights God gives you to capture in such a small, precise container. Watch the magic of the acrostic unspool, pulling you into new insights, a new year, and a fresh start. Be sure to share with us on your own blog or Facebook page! Happy 2016, friends, and never forget that Jesus alone is the Alpha and Omega!



Lynn D. Morrissey is a Certified Journal Facilitator (CJF), founder of  Sacred Journaling, a ministry for reflective journal-writing, author of Love Letters to God: Deeper Intimacy through Written Prayer and other books, contributor to numerous bestsellers, an AWSA and CLASS speaker, and professional soloist. She and her beloved husband, Michael, have been married since 1975 and have a college-age daughter, Sheridan. They live in St. Louis, Missouri.

Poem and other text by Lynn D. Morrisey (Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved.)

Butterfly photos by Sheridan (Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved.)     

21 responses to “Guest Post with Lynn D. Morrisey”

  1. Kel, whenever I post here, I am always unutterably grateful for your gracious generosity in sharing your beautiful space. Thank you! And now my Sheridan says the same. I love seeing her photos here. May the Lord bless you in abundance this year and ensure that your NEW BEGINNING in 2016 is filled with wonder, joy, adventure, and sweet surprises! I hope I am included in those.
    Sending much love and wishes for the best new beginning ever.

    1. Lynni-So glad to share the space with both of you…I love your work and your heart and love that God ordained that we should meet and Journey together! Sheridan is a very gifted artist and a joy to know…blessings to you all!

  2. Lynn, my sweet friend. Love the poem. It speaks of the natural trusting way the earth moves to the rhythm of the Creator. I watched a multitude of birds dance in the sky with their little wings spread out in beauty and wonder. I wished I could hear the song. I could only look up in wonder and appreciation. They moved smoothly in circles in the same direction never touching each other and synced. For butterflies, birds and yes, us, we are created for His purpose. Let us take cue of the butterfly to trust with a yielded heart to His work in and through us. Yours – as always – Christine.

  3. Getting out my pen Lynn. Thank you for the inspiration as always! Sheridan’s photos are stunning! So crisp with contrasting color.

  4. Christine, so lovely to see you here, and I hope that you will come back and visit Kel’s place often. She’s a wonderful author and artist, and tons of fun besides. I love how you have expressed yourself here, and also how you have drawn us to another flight metaphor. Suddenly, when you talked about wish you could hear the song…I’m reminded of something I wrote in my book about seeing birds on a telephone wire and they reminded me of notes on a staff. I was really depressed at the time, and I said something to the effect that though I couldn’t hear them, I knew that they were singing. And you can rest assured that “your” birds are singing too. And yours are even dancing. I love that. God has so many lessons to teach us through His creation. And yes, all of creation is yielded to Him. Would that I would be in this brand-new year and always. Happy New Year, dear one!

  5. Kelly, glad that your pen is at the ready. Be sure to share your poem. And Sheridan will really appreciate your comment. I can’t even take a selfie, so I stand amazed at her talent. Love you. Have a wonderful NY’s celebration and new beginning.

  6. Love this as you know. I wrote an acrostic poem that is published in our local anthology. It was such a fun write…I recall writing it while waiting for my daughter at the orthodontist!

    I so love seeing your words more frequently Lynn! So grateful for the richness of your gracious, generous heart in Christ freely shared for all to benefit.

    Look forward to seeing what new things are coming for you and through you this year. 😉

    Kel, HUGS…and I am getting to that RJD post now…so many fun things today, I am squeezing in ALL. lol. Sorry for the tardiness.

    1. Dawn, you remain one of my greatest journaling inspirations!!! I just read your lovely RJD post, and am going to try one of your prompts–the last one, I think. I love spinning writing off quotations (and you’ll note in my book how I weave them into the writing). I am so glad that we have met, and I thank Kel for her generosity in sharing her friends . . . as well as her blogspace. It’s been such a privilege whenever I post here. Wow! I loved hearing about your acrostic, your alpha poem. You prove several great points–that they are fun, quick, and easy to write, that people love to read them, and that often those things we write in a journal are fodder for publication. Good for you. And now I encourage you to write an alpha for that orthodontist. Most people hate them. It’s a thankless job! 🙂 I’m delivering an alpha to my optometrist next week. Thank you so much for your kind words about my writing. Very much appreciated.
      Sending you much love and wishes for a joyful New year.

  7. This is a lovely poem. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Katie, thank you so much for your generous comments. I’m so grateful, and especially grateful that we’ve met. I can’t believe the sweet relationships the Internet has offered! You are such a deep person and wonderful writer. I wish you much joy as you pursue God’s calling on your life!

      1. Thank you for these kind comments and blessing. You’re so right about these sweet relationships. The Lord be very with you here in the New Year…

  8. Oh this is fun! I’d love to participate.

    1. Diane, it is tons of fun. You are such a gifted writer, that I know it will come very naturally to you. I encourage you to write an alpha for Doc, your children, and other loved ones. How they will treasure these. Also, do write and post your

      1. Sorry, Diane, I don’t know why that posted. I didn’t “hit” anything. Anyway, do finish your New Beginnings alpha, and I hope you will share it w/ The Consilium for your vision for us. Love and appreciate you so much.
        Happy n

  9. I love this acrostic and the wisdom it contains! It has stirred my sluggish thought processes, urging me to take up your challenge and see what comes out my… pen. Yes, I think I’ll use a pen rather than a keyboard–a closer connection to the heart? And I think I’ll write it in my journal rather than figure it as a blog post or anything else public. It may make a good revealer of my heart. Thank you, Lynn and Kel for this lovely post!

    1. Sylvia, so glad that you will try the challenge. And of course, you bring up a good point. Journaling and the piercing, precise, and probing aspects of poetry are sometimes meant for only your eyes and God’s! I hope that this will be fruitful in your life, and I wish you such joy and fresh insights for your New Year!

  10. The poem set to these gorgeous photos is beautiful as His promise, Lynn! I just found your email on my yahoo (I am mainly on my gmail acct these days) and glad I did. I think it would be lovely to have the first letters in an acrostic poem done in fancy lettering… If Sheridan does that in her artwork, maybe something new for her great talents! Blessings to you in the new year! Love, Pam

    1. Pam, so happy to see you here, and I hpe you will visit Kel’s often. She has such great insights to share. Hmmm….I need to be sure I’m up to date in my various groups w/ your correct email. So glad you found the post and have visited and enjoyed. and thank you for your kind words about Sheridan. this is really the first time she has let me use her photos. I’m glad that you liked them. And I love your idea about the calligraphed letters. No, she has not tried that art form, but there are always new beginnings, right?
      Love you and YOUR art and writing. Wishing you a fruitful year as you continue to share your beauty with your readers.

  11. This is beautiful Lynn. I have a weakness for anything to do with butterflies and cocoons. Just completed my first book which includes a word picture that God gave me about my cocoon and my wings. 🙂

  12. Hi Susie,
    Well you and I are in the same “weakness boat”! The Lord first gave me a glimpse of the significance of butterflies when I had a serious foot injury and didn’t know if I would ever walk without excruciating pain again. I write about this in my book, Love Letters to God. And ever since, the butterfly has taught me such crucial life lessons and provided such beauty, joy, and hope in my life. Congratulations on that first book! Wow! That is wonderful. Where may we see it? And may the Lord continue to give you grace to soar and wing your words to hearts who need to be inspired by them. Please stop by Kel’s often. You will love her work.
    Happy New Year!

  13. Lynn, I’m so glad Elizabeth inspired you! Now you’ve inspired me–this is truly more than an acrostic, but a vivid poem. I love the line about ‘pulsed stillness.’
    I may take you all up on the challenge–you never know what God might pour out!

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