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Complimentary: Given for Free {which means I’m giving away something!}

“I will heal their waywardness
    and love them freely . . .” (Hosea 14:4a NIV

Are you fired up for the next year?

One of my favorite artists and entrepreneurs, Lisa Sonora once again is offering her free “30 Day Journal Project” where she challenges us to stir up our creative fire.

I plan on joining her on the journey. And you can too! For FREE if you click here by December 31st. The daily prompts will arrive in your email. I have followed her ROOTS and FLOW prompts the past two years, and each time I come away with more clarity and desire to fulfill my creative destiny. (Which by the way, I believe God, our Creator, instilled in each and every one of us!)

Speaking of complimentary offers, I thought I’d host an end of the year GIVEAWAY to celebrate all the goodness and generosity of GOD that I’ve enjoyed this year.

In this giveaway you could WIN a 2016 planner and a blank journal housed in a personally designed re-purposed book cover. (Don’t forget I am also selling journals made out of re-purposed book covers with archival papers and ephemera at my souldare Etsy site. Stay tuned for new stock and a sale over there.)

Cover will include a midori style elastic binding system and closure. Inside will be your 2016 planner and a blank journal.


PLUS my self-published devotional: “Defining Moments: Overflowing with Words”

Ways to enter:

Answer the following question in the comments:

What comes to mind when you think of journaling? 

Share this post on your Facebook page.

Share this post on Twitter:  @kelrohlf

I will announce the winner on the next Random Journal Day, this Friday, January 2nd!!!

And just so you know, the word “complimentary” has its roots in words that mean: courteous and complete. As we complete this year, may the next one be filled with the continued favor of the Lord!

Peace be with YOU!


10 responses to “Complimentary: Given for Free {which means I’m giving away something!}”

  1. Fun! Thank you for sharing Kel. I look forward to creative journaling with you into the next year

    1. Journaling is a journey! Yay! I am getting excited to see what adventures we experience!

      1. Yes it is a journey! So good to have such great people along for it, too!

  2. What a great giveaway! Your book is one of my favorites, and a journal and planner are two of my closest friends! I also love Lisa’s Journeys…I am thinking about whether I should join in or not…I did Root and it was a great experience. Here and Daisy Yellow have been wonderful inspirations for my creative journey. As has your presence, Kel…

  3. PS, I would love for you to offer a repurpose cover tutorial. I have a book, I want to use but, am debating on sending it of ($$$$$) to have it gutted and junked by someone of diy (but I do not want to ruin it). ANyhooo….Happy New Year!

    1. Dawn-I knew you would love this giveaway! Thx for all you encouragement and support! Hmmm…tutorial…my main advice is be careful with sharp objects …hehe…will work on some ideas …peace out! Kel

  4. Hi dearest Kel,
    Just got sweet Dawn’s email about your give-away. I am still having no luck w/ receiving WordPress posts for which I have signed up and tweaked settings, etc., etc., etc., all to no avail!!!

    I love your quoting Hosea. I’ve steeped in that book this year and will continue to do so. It’s a wonderful verse to use in connection with your complimentary, free give-away. Is that not what our loving God does for us? He freely gives us His precious Son to forgive us our sins. Oh yes….it was at great cost to Him, but ours for the free taking. And He continues to give us His complimentary, lavish gift of love each and every day of our lives….as He will do in 2016.

    Journaling for me is a sacred act. It has, along with His Word, become a LIFELINE to me to God. I once wrote a journaling post–a long listing–of all the things a journal is to me, but surely a lifeline surfaces to the top. Thank you for believing in and living out this sacred work.

    And yes, I love Lisa’s prompts. You and I came to her from different routes (I don’t think we told each other about her), but that we both love her work, doesn’t surprise me. We love all things journal and art-journaling!

    And I love you. May the Lord compliment you with His love throughout the New Year, and may we continue to compliment Him–telling Him how wonderful He is to us.

    Will post on FB & T.

    1. Beautiful reflections, Lynni! I love being on the journey with you and other journal and art lovers!
      Thank you for being such a blessing in my life. Peace be with you! Kel

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