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Confide: Open Your Heart; Entrust

Silence is praise to you,
    Zion-dwelling God,
And also obedience.
    You hear the prayer in it all. (Psalm 65:1-2 The Message)


Does a particular word ever catch your attention?

Often a word visits me, and won’t let me go until I delve into its origins. Confide came to me the other day. It suggested that intimacy develops and grows between people who confide in each other.

I wanted to know more. One way to get more acquainted with a word is to break it down into its pieces. Knowing the meaning of prefixes comes in handy at times like these, and a few semesters of Latin doesn’t hurt either. “Con” means with, and “fide” comes from “fidere,” which means to trust. It also brings to mind fidelity or faith. So literally, I began to think of its meaning as “with faith.”

With faith, I approach another person believing that I can entrust myself to them. It takes courage. And it takes time for the trust to deepen. We have to bide our time with each other, allowing faith to do its work.

Advent is like that for me. It’s a waiting time. A time to be silent. To sit at the table with our coffee mugs, while my husband and I stare at our Christmas tree. No words.

I gently pull the red candle out of the second day marker to place it in the third day spot. Time quietly moves forward. A ornament on the tree catches my eye. It encapsulates the scene at the table in its orb. I ask my husband how to capture the moment on the camera. We talk technique, and I scurry off to get my camera and tripod. He gets up to go to his office downstairs. I tell him have a good day at work and give him a quick kiss. This trust works for us. The moments, the days, the months and the years of living together in confidence is like an unspoken prayer between us.


Prayer is silent communion. Prayer is getting up each day and doing what’s indicated. Accomplishing in faith the work given to each one of us. Prayer takes courage. And in time, while we wait, answers arrive.

God answers by sending messengers. Messengers who remind us to wait, trust and believe. And sometimes those messengers come in one simple word.


8 responses to “Confide: Open Your Heart; Entrust”

  1. Beautiful words and images, Kel. I love that I can entrust my confidences with you. I have missed your blog. I’m so lazy. Without stupid WordPress delivering my posts, with the frenzy of the season, I’ve not been looking up yours and others. My loss, I assure you. This is so lovely.

    1. Thanks Lynni- I appreciate the confidence we both share in our Saviour and our friendship. Actually this is the first time in awhile since I have been blogging regularly…glad you stopped by. Hugs-Kel

  2. expectantlylistening Avatar

    Wow Kel, this is such beautiful writing, and beautiful photography too – the top one is amazing!
    I love the way you look up words; it reveals so much but I never seem to get around to it – luckily for me I read posts by people who do!!

    1. I haven’t really written much lately …God seems to nudge me this time of year and He brought me back to my roots…defining moments! When I first started writing devotions I usually focused on a word and it definition and application to my daily life 🙂

      1. expectantlylistening Avatar

        It’s great to have you back, and it is a special time of year 🙂

  3. Beautiful Aunt Kel. This post really inspired me after a long day! Thank you… For your encouraging and warm hearted blog! Love and miss you! Xo -Britt

    P.S. The “Jersey” book of art you made and gave to me has been amazingly helpful!!

  4. Psalm 65 is one of my favorites….I’ll have to read the entire piece in The Message. I love the idea that ‘silence is praise to you, God.’ I don’t have to fill up all the space with talking…being quiet is a good thing.

  5. I share your love of words and their origins. Thanks for writing about waiting and Advent and the MSG version of Psalm 65!

    your neighbor at Small Wonder

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