Good: Of High Quality

And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. (Genesis 1:31a)


The last couple times I’ve used my camera phone a message pops up reminding me that I can’t take a picture because the storage is full. I could download those several hundred photos to free up space, but I just don’t make the time.

Or I could just delete photos as I go, but I am afraid I might lose some of the goodness. As I scrolled through the pictures, gratitude welled up in my heart. I will not post them all here, because they wouldn’t necessarily evoke the same gratitude for you. You’ll have to scroll through your own phone for that.

This has been a year of transition and celebration. And as we enter the holidays, I sense the need for reflection.

One of my ideas for the season ahead is to keep my eyes open for sightings of goodness in the land of the living. (And to capture them with my phone, of course!)

Here’s a little prayer I prayed in my journal this morning:

Dear God-
You are good!
You always intend good. I will trust your goodness. Help me to be good and to choose good paths. Help others to live good lives filled with your goodness. Thank you for creating us, and declaring us “very good!”

What sightings of goodness have you witnessed lately?



6 thoughts on “Good: Of High Quality

  1. Lovely, Kel. I so always appreciate a good word from you (and a good photo). I experience God’s goodness and richness daily, with a loving husband daughter, mother, and extended family and friends (like YOU!), with a purpose and passion and with beauty in abundance (think art, music, literature, reading, nature).
    Happy thanksgiving, dear one. Thanking God for the goodness and good friendship we share.

    1. Thank you Lynni for the goodness you share with your heart for Jesus and your intensive journaling retreats and your enthusiasm for all things good. Thankful for you!

  2. This post was a sighting of goodness for me. My bible study today took me to Psalm 100 where I was reconnected with God’s goodness. When I was running late in holiday traffic, bumper sticker on the car in front of me reminded me God is good! And now this post is the third sighting of God’s goodness. Don’t you love it when God shouts out His goodness. So much to be thankful for. Your post is one of them!

  3. ‘sightings of goodness’? I find them everywhere…the frost on the leaves and grasses and shrubs, the shouting ‘hello!’ of a full moon, the peace of my husband as he dozes on the couch.
    Thank you for the reminder/encouragement, my friend.

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