Poetic Meditations

“Behold, I am making all things new.” (Revelation 21:5)

Even as the leaves make their journey to the ground, I know God is keeping His promise to make all things new. And in the process, I contemplate the seasons and the cycles with poetic musings. An offering to your soul from mine.

musing 001

the redbud tree
denuded of leaves,
skeletal seed pods
hang on.

clattering in the wind,
sap receding will
cause them to drop
drab to the ground.

a blue cardinal
lights up a branch
of its brown

musing 002

The October red
garbed in green
stands firm–
stands against
autumn’s march
until a lone
orangish red,
reddish orange
one gives away
her ruse.

She recedes
on the inside,
as the season
going to sleep
for the winter.

Dying in cycles,
waiting, living
but losing
the round;
leaves fall to
the ground.

2 thoughts on “Poetic Meditations

  1. Kel,

    Thank you for the musings, I enjoyed the autumn crisp images they bought to my mind’s eye. My favorite time of year: passionate colors on trees, crisp cool air and the comfort of a cozy fleece. Love you, Mj

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