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Random Journal Day, Fiction and You Tube

Remember how short my time is!
    For what vanity you have created all the children of man! (Psalm 89:47 ESV)

Welcome to Labor Day Weekend! Before I unplug for a few days, I wanted to post my Random Journal Day contribution, update you on the progress of The Cereal Bowl Series and practice a little vanity. Ha! (By sharing some of my favorite You Tube uploads.)

So it’s Random Journal Day, and I have been making many journals, and writing in them, too!

simple “junk” journals using recycled boxes and junk mail, etc

I found this simple technique on You Tube, where you basically make a cover with duct tape and two pieces of cardboard. Then use a large rubberband or thin hair band to secure “pages” inside. I made a You Tube video of one that I will share in this post. And I hope to do some more “flip throughs,” as the journals get filled up and used.

The Cereal Bowl Series is my first attempt at publishing fiction. I had the idea of writing a page a day from another writer friend. (Thanks, Amanda!) I have five episodes to date, and plan to write more as the weekend unfolds. But I may just be lazy and do nothing this weekend.

And without further ado…You Tube videos starring moi and some of my creative adventures.



5 responses to “Random Journal Day, Fiction and You Tube”

  1. OH, my goodness I love your Fauxdori and Junk JOurnal…so fun! Are you self publishing, Kel? Let me know, and love your shared projects!

    1. Dawn- I love sharing…my main way of publishing at the moment is via the blog…who knows I may enter the short story in a contest later…I like the freeness of blog publishing lol! Thx again for hosting us …my kindred heart friend!

  2. I love your Fauxdori journal. What I like is the pockets for pens and markers. I always have to search for a pen. I carry several in my purse but then sometimes they all “disapear.” Enjoy your weekend. Our son is enroute to our house, I expect him in the next half-hour.

  3. Cecelia- I’m always misplacing pens too…it must be a writer’s nemesis 😃enjoy your son and the long weekend!

  4. Oh my! There just is not enough time in my days to add more of this!! I have had to lay my collage and art journals and tags aside for a bit with a ton of writing and publishing deadlines looming before me. But–I love this stuff!! Actually, I moved my laptop and work to my scraping and collage art desk so I’m actually surrounded by my glue and scissors, and favorite scraps waiting to go into a journal.
    But not anytime soon.
    LOVE the midori thingy. Need to look more into that.
    Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring!!

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