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Celebrations and Random Journal Day #53

Let those on the hunt for you
    sing and celebrate.
Let all who love your saving way
    say over and over, “God is mighty!”

(Psalm 70:4 The Message)

photo 1-001

Every good adventure has a beginning, middle and ending. The past few weeks have been filled to the brim with goodness, growth and even a bit of groaning at times. But mostly my two nieces and two nephews and I had fun during our summer adventure that we dubbed “Ant Kamp” a couple years ago.

Each year, I marvel how God meets us in the midst of memory making and activities that we want to try. Each child had the opportunity to be a teacher for one day. Our first teacher, set up his classroom and changed into his polo shirt and khaki trousers for his role as teacher.

We learned about England followed by afternoon tea. We harnessed electricity to make a jumping jitterbug, an aerial tram out of a soda can, and a water pump from a kit. We learned about first aid, and even had a couple adventures, in which we needed our kits stored in recycled medicine bottles. We created stop action movies that still need to be edited.

We enjoyed our own version of cupcake wars and made crafts with our friend, Tracy. We went to the water park, the zoo and the art museum.  A mystery guest surprised us at the zoo, and then became our art museum guide. (He was also our guest judge on cupcake wars day. Thanks, Bradley!)

We survived the hot, humid days of July and early August. And we even had an impromptu camp out. Girls on the screened back porch; boys in their tent, which they put up all by themselves.

Our pace was fairly relaxed, and the kids were able to sleep in most days, so I had leisurely times writing in my journal and doing quick collages to feed my soul.

The night of the camp out, my soul was overjoyed. By the light of our electric lanterns, the boys sketched, while us girls wrote and doodled in our journals. We read about fireflies and watermelons. These kids are this creative aunt’s (ant) dream come true.  I celebrate them and the God who created each one of us.

We endured bumps and bruises and a few raised voices, including mine, but we weathered this summer together and lived out the truth of Proverbs 27:17:

As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend. (NKJV)

On Monday, we will celebrate our adventure one last time before school starts midweek. What a privilege to share the summer and God’s creative work in each of our hearts. We sought God and He pursued us, too.

In celebration of Random Journal Day #53, I want to share a meditation on another Scripture that came across my page this past month, as well as some collage work from this summer’s journal. We tried our hand at a little Bible study method called S.O.A.P.

Scripture: “Endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.” (2 Timothy 2:3)

Observation: hardness, difficulty, trials, hardship…life is hard, life can be endured…it is good to endure. endurance is a quality of a soldier. If I am a soldier of Jesus Christ, then he is my Captain, my Commander, My Lord…yet he is also my Brother, My Companion, My Lover (the One who calls me Beloved, Delightful and Beautiful)

Application: In these hard times, sometimes painful, sometimes frustrating, sometimes confusing, sometimes downright exhausting I will and can endure because Jesus is really all I need

Prayer: Jesus- Help me to endure the hardness of life…to enjoy your presence, peace and power in the midst of sometimes LONG days. Thank you for the joie de livre. I confess that my mind is all over the place…having a hard time settling in…please help me to settle…to sit still…and be set upon by your Holy Spirit wooing me to love, to ideas, plans and purposes for this day…Help me let go…Amen!


photo 2-3
I started this collage at the beginning of Ant Kamp; I was trying to collect 100 words
photo 1-3
the cover of my summer journal; a composition notebook with grid pages…it was hard to write on grid pages…I felt confined
photo 2-003
I had collected random magazine pages in a gallon bag, each day I would rifle through the pages and choose images to compose my collage…I find this very relaxing


photo 3-002
this one I added color with neocolor II watersoluble crayons…I really wanted to travel that day…so I did with my imagination
photo 5-001
my inner critic was trying to disrupt me on this day
photo 4-003
this one just makes me happy
photo 2-002
I really like this one…lots of symbolism…refining and pruning and tools and meditation and time and the lion and the octopus…and rest…all the components of living the daily

Don’t you love how a journal can contain so much and be a meeting place at the same time?

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6 responses to “Celebrations and Random Journal Day #53”

  1. LOve all the fun you had- you must be exhausted! I feel the same way about graph paper BTW. I used to use it only to plan out my Boot Camp classes…but for writing…it seems so wrong! LOve your Soap share…that verse brings to mind Jim Elliot every time. Also your collages: I so feel the same, I have a stack of mags and all sorts of paper stock…collaging – scissors, glue and paper are definitely one of my favored love languages! Love all you share Kel, you inspire me- make my heart soar and so happy…it’s the whole kindred thing. 😉 HUGS!

    1. Dawn- Yes we are so kindred! I love the guest journal keeper this month…I can’t wait to go check out her art journals! We made junk journals last month in my class…I am exhausted in a good way…God was with us this past months in many ways and it’s such a joy to be with those kids…what a treasure. I learn so much from them! I hope to be around the blogosphere again now that the ants will be marching back to school. Lol! “See” you soon! Love-Kel

  2. Cecelia Lester Avatar
    Cecelia Lester

    Kel: I’t’s so niceto read of your Ant Party. Gloria Gaither and Shirley Dobson wrote a bokk called \, “Let’s Make a Memory,,” I believe you have this principle down pat, I enjoyed the collage artwork.

    1. Cecelia- Yes, I think God created me to be a memory maker and memory keeper…I love sharing memories and documenting them and memorizing God’s word, which we did together this summer. Kids keep us young at heart…mine are grown, so it’s an extra special blessing to have these younger ones in my life…

  3. Kel, I love your “ant camp.” It makes me want to be able to do that kind of thing with a couple grandkids (when they’re a little older… 😉 If I get to do it, I know I’m going to steal some of your ideas. They’re terrific! And your collages always get my creative gears going. I hope, come late fall and winter, I get into more collage again myself. It’s fascinating how the appropriate pictures and words just “show up” serendipitously, to express what’s in our hearts—even sometimes when we didn’t realize what was there in the first place! Thanks for sharing all of this. So good to be reconnecting with you again!

  4. Kel, I love your creativity with the kids. You ARE a wonderful teacher, for young and younger alike! 🙂 I was going to say old, but refrained! So there. The collage pages are fabulous, and like you, I don’t think I would like to be confined by a grid. That is metaphoric for something! For journaling, I love artist sketchbooks, because they are open and nonacidic. I have learned the hard way not to use spiral notebooks. The acid in the paper eats my precious words. You won’t know what to do when the kids go back to school–or maybe you will! 🙂
    Love you,

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