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Summer is for . . . Eating!

Gracious words are like a honeycomb,
    sweetness to the soul and health to the body. (Proverbs 16:24 ESV)

Taste and see that the Lord is good.
    Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him! (Psalm 34:8 NLT)


This past week, I enjoyed some good food with my sister and her kids. They took a “stay-cation” here in St. Louis, where we enjoyed the local fare at Jilly’s Cupcake Bar and Cafe. Cupcakes for breakfast, what a treat! Then we walked around the Delmar Loop, and for lunch tried out the Peacock Loop Diner, where we ordered cheese and olives on crackers for appetizers and fried foods for our meals.YUM! We sat in this round booth that rotates around and played skee ball while we waited for our food.

photo 2-016Summer is a great time to eat. Not just treats, but fresh fruits and hearty salads. And of course grilled burgers, brats and chicken. Some of my favorite summer foods include strawberries, watermelon, corn on the cob, grilled zucchini, BBQ chicken, fajita chicken, potato salad made with mustard, mayo and dill pickle juice. And if I’m eating any of this fare outdoors, so much the better. Of course there’s St. Louis’ famous custard place, which we had to stop by this weekend, Ted Drewe’s.

When I think back on my childhood summers, my favorite food memory was during Vacation Bible School. The trays of cookies and cold kool-aid were the highlight of my day, besides being chosen to hold one of the flags or the Bible for the three pledges we recited each day. Savoring God’s word through memory verses and flannel graph stories increased my appetite for deeper study of God’s word, when I became a teenager. God’s word became a staple in my spiritual life as a young wife and mom. And I even taught a class and directed a VBS or two while the boys were growing up. But as a grown-up woman, I kind of miss the week long mix of Bible verses and stories, games and crafts, and even the cookies and kool-aid.

I was happy to discover that another grown woman wanted to recapture the heart of VBS at her blog this coming month. Author, Speaker and Radio Host, Christin Ditchfield is offering Hope through her virtual VBS, which you can sign-up for here. I look forward to digging into the Scriptures and sharing insights with other women this month. Won’t you join us? Get out the Chips Ahoy and a ice cold glass of Fruit Punch Kool-aid, and rekindle your love for Jesus this summer.

Virtual VBS for GrownUp Girls 2015

4 responses to “Summer is for . . . Eating!”

  1. lynndmorrissey Avatar

    Well, I just can’t think of any better way to spend the summer than with Jesus, Kel, and Christin at the Virtual VBS for GrownUp Girls. Christin and I met years ago (I won’t divulge how many!) through Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (a professional CHristian communicators organization affiliated with the Christian Booksellers Association. We hit off and have been friends in the Lord for some time. But somehow, we lost touch, until we ran into each other at the big Allume bloggers conference about two years ago. We know that the Lord has reconnected us and reignited our friendship. And then I met Kel at a Christian bookstore. She had attended a journaling workshop which I had conducted years ago, and came up to me at the store and introduced herself. She wondered if we could have tea and talk all things journal and writing. And our hearts have been knit together ever since. We meet regularly with another friend for tea and conversation, craziness and creativity. I don’t know who I am saying this to (or why!) . . . like somebody is going to read this. Sorry guys. I know you, Kel and Christin, already know all this! 🙂 Anyway, there is nothing I love more than sharing my friends, and I was able to link you two. VBS, here we come, and Christin, I know God will gather a wonderful group for you. So grateful for you and what you will teach us. Kel, loving doing this w/ you.

    1. Lynni- I think it’s fun to hear how you met each of us…and I am thankful that we connect our hearts via the venue of blogs, facebook and God’s word most of all! Looking forward to what fruit God will give us during this study…

  2. lynndmorrissey Avatar

    You are so ssweet, Kel. Thank you. I hadn’t seen your other posts below. I have a migraine and need to lie down and die so will try to ck tomorrow.
    also, I love The Cupcakery even better than Jilly’s.

  3. […] I have ideas, like start reading from my summer book list or start writing to the prompts from the two websites that I signed up for, and savor the Scriptures from the Virtual VBS. […]

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