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Summer is for . . . Reading!

In that day the deaf will hear words read from a book,
    and the blind will see through the gloom and darkness.
The humble will be filled with fresh joy from the Lord.

(Isaiah 29:18-19a)


My summer reading list tends to be ambitious. I am a book nibbler. And so books that I never finish keep making it back on to my list each summer. Slaughterhouse Five captures my attention, and I like the voice of the narrator, but for some reason I put it down before finishing. I’ve never read the complete trilogy of The Lord of the  Rings, although I have seen the movies and remember fondly finishing The Hobbit in seventh grade. My first long book followed by Little Women sealed my  love for reading great stories.

I like to dip into fiction and non-fiction. Therefore my list includes a little bit of each.

Besides the books pictured above, which include a devotional and the Literary Study Bible, I will be reading through Jesus Calling and The Language of Letting Go. I try to read from each of these and the Scriptures daily. My journaling friend, Dawn, just recommended a great resource for a Bible reading plan, where you read a different genre from the Bible each day of the week.

My love for journaling has been rekindled through Dawn’s enthusiasm for the topic, so I was searching Pinterest for some resources and journaling prompts. One blogger includes a list of books about journaling in the linked post.

To me keeping a journal and reading go hand in hand. I write about what I read. I can process what a Scripture means to me through writing about it. I record quotes in my journal or a favorite verse from the Bible. If a word catches my attention, I grab my favorite dictionary to look up its meaning. There’s nothing like a dictionary dig to satisfy this word loving heart of mine.

What books do you want to read this summer?


6 responses to “Summer is for . . . Reading!”

  1. lynndmorrissey Avatar

    I love how to read a book, and Sheridan would be so proud of you for lord of the rings! she is always trying to get me to read it.

    1. Lynni- I have tried to read “how to read a book” before and hope to finish it this time…some books I need to approach as if I was taking a college course to stay engaged…maybe I should give myself some reading assignments and essays to write this summer. I think reading books may also become my “vacations” as we do not have any plans to go anywhere this summer and the river is not cooperating for us to get out on the boat.

  2. Hi Kel! We are driving home from Maine and I am catching up on phone, emails etc on the ride. I love your stack. We have so much of the same tastes. I too, have not made it through LOTR but am such a fan of the movies and stories. Love all on your list, and Jesus Calling as well as the letting go ( melody Beatty?) anyway…i got a lot of reading in while on vacation. I was going to share that on a video when home. I will check out the journaling books link. Battery dying!

    1. Dawn- Vacations are a great time to catch up on our reading lists…I was just thinking about you and thanking God for letting our paths meet…I look forward to your vlog…we’ll have to compare notes if we ever do read LOTR…lol…looking forward to seeing what else unfolds this summer.

  3. […] have ideas, like start reading from my summer book list or start writing to the prompts from the two websites that I signed up for, and savor the […]

  4. expectantlylistening Avatar

    Love seeing your booklist, I am just starting to think about my booklist for the summer! Essentialism might be on it too. I just finished The Sherwood Ring, which was a lovely read for the start of summer!

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