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Summer is for . . . Playing!

God’s love is meteoric,
    his loyalty astronomic,
His purpose titanic,
    his verdicts oceanic.
Yet in his largeness
    nothing gets lost;
Not a man, not a mouse,
    slips through the cracks. (Psalm 36: 5-6)


As summer begins, life keeps bumping into us. If I had it my way, summer would be exempt from problems, bumps, bruises or major life changes. No one would be grieving or hearing bad, sad or mad news. Summer to me would be a lot like heaven. No more tears or fears or worries.

But real life has it’s ups and downs, and sometimes life feels like an inside out, backwards shirt or a burnt upside down pineapple cake.

I would like to return to following my 30 Days of Lists prompts, but these next ones seem frivolous compared to the painful situations buffeting my heart. Watching and waiting with friends who are facing hard times. Watching my own heart spiral down, when I listen to the news or think about how life changes.

But somehow, even in the midst of the harder moments, thinking about happier times and “play” can lift my heart. I don’t need to spiral into a gloomy mood. I can rest my head on my Savior’s shoulder, so to speak. And He reminds me that He is actively absorbing all the pain of this world. And He’s not asking me to bear it alone.

Today, I spent time looking for colorful images to cheer up a friend who is facing cancer treatment. And I hesitated to add the word play. She might not feel like playing, but I know her heart longs for it. So I pray today that she embraces the joy of the Lord, even in the midst of this sidetracked summer.

I head back to the lists, so we can all dream of the adventures God may have in store for us whether we face rainy days or billowy, bright sunshiny days.

Road Trip Must Haves: healthy snacks, water, fruit, boiled eggs, road atlas and the GPS, loom knitting, books, music, comfy clothes, conversation, travel games. (Rest stop rule: Must be able to see the golden arches before we pull off highway for a pit stop.)

Recipes to Try: Here’s a link to Summery Recipes on my Pinterest boards.

A Quote about Summer:

What summer list of lists would be complete without some ideas for summer recreation: water-park, backyard bible club, water balloons, go-carts, cupcake bake-off, ride bikes, explore the woods, picnic in the park, library day, s’more frappe day, memorize Scripture, read a good book

And lastly, a little poem I penned called Today I Saw

peas dangling
ready to be plucked
from the vine
dancing in the breeze
against the chicken wire
that keeps bunnies from
the cabbage, beans and
squash plants
a few weeds to pull-
cilantro gone to seed
herbs and vegetables
straining towards the
summer sunshine
after the spring rains

6 responses to “Summer is for . . . Playing!”

  1. Thank you dear friend. I am hoping to have some playtime this summer. I too yearn for a summer like heaven. Oh how I yearn! But my God carries us and therefore I rejoice. You sure know how to lift a playmates spirits❤

    1. Kelly- It is a joy to share life with you the ups and the downs and the twirling arounds in praise of our Mighty Father who loves us and has an eternal summer planned for us. Love you!

  2. Kel, I love your musings here, your desire for play and joy, yet mixed with sadness and sensitivity over a friend’s hard time and the world’s troubles. But you are getting at what I have been discovering as I prepare a play journaling workshop. We have difficulty playing, or even feel guilty about it, because of all the suffering in the world. But what if play is a foretaste of heaven. What if it is a way to defy pain and death and fear and to live out our faith, knowing that joy and beauty will overcome in the end? We do’n’t deny the pain, but we rejoice in spite of it. And we bring others joy too as you are your playmate. Sending much love to you both.

    1. Lynni- I so resonate with this thought ” But what if play is a foretaste of heaven.” I tend to think of play or pleasure as a temporary thing, but God has woven the joy of living into our hearts with eternity in mind. Much love to you and I look forward to the play journaling workshop!

  3. “What I Saw”–what a great poem prompt. I love that verse from Psalm 36 of the Message!

    1. Jody- I just saw a poem waiting to be written from my vegetable garden…I never really thought of wiriting a poem from a prompt before…just seemed to be what was indicated at that moment…also to me poems are like cousins to lists…both are concise ways of conveying ideas, images and emotions. Yes that is a favorite of mine …psalm 36 from the Message! very poetic!

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