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Least Favorite Words . . .

Even before a word is on my tongue,
    behold, O Lord, you know it altogether. (Psalm 139:4 ESV)


As I work through the prompts for 30 Days of Lists, every once in a while a topic seems to stump me. Today was such a day.

I love words. I don’t really have “least favorite words” to put into a list. But I do have words that I wish would never come out of my mouth. There is some comfort, as well as conviction in knowing that God is aware of a word that I will speak even before it exits my lips.

I like to collect words. I have the word “latte” on our buffet, a gift from our oldest son. I have the word “read” in my art studio because reading is one of my favorite ways to learn. My sister gave me a word sculpture that says “Life is Good.” I often paint the word “love” into my art because God desires love.

So when asked to write a list of least favorite words, I had to think more in categories rather than specific words. (And if I told you my least favorite word begins with “b” and resides inside your nose, that would just be gross, so I won’t mention the word.)

I do not like words that hurt my feelings or yours. I don’t care for angry, loud words or razor sharp ones–those cutting remarks cloaked as little daggers of disapproval. The kind of words that people claim were only jokes, but really are sucker punches to our egos. These are some of my least favorite kind of words.

I avoid words that are discouraging, degrading, disappointing or disgusting. I do not care for words that deprive others of their value or make them feel less than loved.

I dislike words that misinterpret a situation. I don’t like words that support lies or fail to keep their promise.

Sometimes words will fail me. But the WORD of God never does, and in fact the LOVE of God never will.

What are some of your least favorite words?

4 responses to “Least Favorite Words . . .”

  1. lynndmorrissey Avatar

    Oh boy do I agree with all of this, and that horrible word that you would not spell and another “nose” word that I hate. I will only say derriere, but only if absolutely necessary. I don’t like hate, anger, jealousy, cruelty, vulgarity, sordidness. Why do we even say or act out such degrading words? There are so many beautiful, edifying, encouraging, lilting, and luxurious words from which to choose. Why would we lower ourselves to use any other? Oh, and might I just get on my soapbox for a sec (a word and practice I should likely eradicate –there’s a great word). But I do not like dumbed-down words just for the sake of dumbing down language. One should seek to select the most appropriate and precise word which best describes whatever it is you are conveying. Ok….I’m jumping off now before someone knocks me off.
    Love you, Kel. (I like the word Kel).

    1. Lynni- I love the way you handle and celebrate words…I agree there is “an appropriate and precise word” for every occasion. So glad we share our love for words and the Giver of all linguistic flair!

  2. lynndmorrissey Avatar

    Love that, Kel….linguistic flair. You would like my late friend, LD’s, poetry, because he simply exuded beautiful words. It’s obvious to me that he considered them music, never reduced his vocabulary, and always chose the perfect word. When I read his poetry as a youngster (ha! in my 20s), I had to keep a dictionary handy. I absolutely love that knd of challenge. Oh Lord deliver us from editors who want us to write to fifth graders (unless, of course, we are! 🙂 )

  3. Cecelia Lester Avatar
    Cecelia Lester

    KEL: I do not like words spoken with sharp edges on them. Yes, I am sensitive to attitudes. I also do not care for the slag word that can mean “Mess” as in “Don’t ‘mess’ with me.” I hear it more and more as time goes by. You get the picture.

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