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I am looking forward to . . .

You go before me and follow me.
    You place your hand of blessing on my head. (Psalm 139:5 NLT)

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In the Old Testament scriptures, a year of Jubilee was decreed by God for the Israelites to forgive all debts and have a year of rest for the land.

I plan to observe this ancient practice in my own unique way for the next year.

I have been looking forward to this year of Jubilee for fifty years. Well, maybe not consciously, but I have been alive for fifty years now. I have been counting the days to this moment, so that I could offer a special thanks to God for getting me here.

To recount all the blessings and ways God has kept me would take at least 50 blog posts. So instead, as I mark the beginning of a new era, I compiled a list of things I’m looking forward to in the next season of life.

My greatest longing is to see God face to face, but until then I will seek His presence in the here and now.

So here’s my list for what I am looking forward to as I celebrate becoming 50:

I am looking forward to . . .

more celebrations, more surprises, more adventures, more joy, more art, more reading, more writing, more love, more travel, more living and more of God’s grace.

3 responses to “I am looking forward to . . .”

  1. Cecelia Lester Avatar
    Cecelia Lester

    Back when I crossed that milestone, no one thought to tell me about it being my Jubilee Year. Enjoy your time of celebrationg each day and each event that comes your way.

    1. Good advice, Cecelia! I will enjoy each day and each event!

  2. lynndmorrissey Avatar

    Kel, when I turned fifty, I called it my Butterfly Birthday Jubilee. I’m fond of all things butterfly, and I used both metaphors to help me make the transition. I was leaving the boring chrysalis of youth, and spreading my colorful wings and flying. I had read the Leviticus passage at just that time, and it spoke deeply to me, actually of laying down a ministry, of returning to my own “clan” (my family), of letting the land lie fallow and living of what had already been created. (“During that year you must not plant your fields or store away any of the crops that grow on their own, and don’t gather the grapes from your unpruned vines. It will be a jubilee year for you, and you must keep it holy.”) The passage implied this to me. That part was a very difficult decision for me. But I don’t regret it. One thing you didn’t say, but which is implied, is that the Jubilee took place in the fiftieth year for the Israelites, themselves. It was also a time to proclaim freedom. I hope that your Jubilee year is especially freeing for you in whatever way the Lord might desire it. I know it will be wonderful!

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